Steve Guttenberg Planning Massive Comeback with Police Academy 8 and Three Men and A Bride!

There are few matters that have been weighing on my mind over the past 10 or 15 years quite as heavily as the question, “Whatever happened to Steve Guttenberg?”. This guy was the bomb throughout the ’80s, starring in such classic flicks as Short Circuit, Cocoon, and the Police Academy series. But as soon as they ’80s ended… he vanished. The last movie I remember seeing him in was 3 Men and a Little Lady. More recently, he had a role on Veronica Mars, and now it looks like he is hoping to mount a major comeback in 2009!

According to The Sun, Guttenberg is currently gearing for an eighth Police Academy movie. “A script is being written and so far it is really great, everyone from the original movies who is still around will return.” Everyone that is, except for Kim Cattrall and Sharon Stone, who have supposedly been asked, but have yet to agree to it. Guttenberg doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t want to do it, after all, he now regrets turning down Police Academy 5 and Short Circuit 2. He even likes sequels so much that he’s also planning another sequel to Three Men and a Baby!

“Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and I are looking to make another Three Men And A Baby movie. It’s called Three Men and A Bride. The script is pretty much written and we are really keen to get that made. We’re very hopeful.”

Funny how your perspective changes when you’re desperate and looking for work. I do feel for the guy though. As much as I’d love to see Steve Guttenberg back on top, I think he’s probably being a little too optimistic here. That Police Academy sequel might happen, but last we heard it would probably go direct to DVD. Keep on swingin’ Steve-o! Maybe there’s still a chance that they’ll let you have a cameo in the Short Circuit remake.

  • “This guy was the bomb”

    Say that on a podcast.

    “except for Kim Cattrall and Sharon Stone, who have supposedly been asked, but have yet to agree to it’

    What the hell are they doing that makes a Police Academy movie beneath them? Get off that Clydesdale women!

  • Liney

    Those quotes from the The Sun were actually taken from an interview on BBC radio (available on the Simon Mayo poscast). It’s funny that the word “optimistic” pops up in Sean’s post, because listening to the interview, Guttenberg is quite bizarrely optimistic and upbeat about everything. He talks in glowing terms about every film and actor that comes up. This is even more bizarre as he is in Britain to do a Christmas Pantomine, which is normally a clear sign that your acting career is a corpse.

    At one point it comes up in the conversation that Mickey Rourke has been in London, and Guttenberg says that he’ll have to give him a call so they can hook up as old friends. Like, really? Guttenberg and Rourke!? If you listen to the interview though, it’s hard not to kind of like the guy for his positivity. He even talks about how it’s great that there are loads of remakes being made!!

  • Steve…. Please stop the bleeding! We will give you a couple of bucks if you don’t make the movie…. The first one was great, I will give you that, but Police Academy “jumped the shark” real quick! I would let the sound effect guy go back to doing his Gieco commercials, it is more respectable than doing another sequel of Police Academy! Please just stop the pain!

  • Piston1984

    Police Academy 8 definately NEEDS to happen, because we’ve already has Rocky 6, Rambo 4, Die Hard 4, and Indiana Jones 4! In fact, the story should have the legendary graduates comes out of retirement, just like Stallone did with Rocky.