Weird Web Wednesdays: Nicole Kidman Hearts David Letterman

Happy Thanksgiving American friends! Here’s your weekly dose of viral video weirdness, a day late and a few turkeys short. See David Letterman and Nicole Kidman struggle with each other verbally! Marvel at the wacky trailer for a Mega Man fan film! Learn what not to do at a car wash! Watch some animals do funny things! All that and more, on this special Thanksgiving edition of Weird Web Wednesdays.

Nicole Kidman Awkward Interview on Letterman, Part 1
Nicole Kidman Awkward Interview on Letterman, Part 1
Chubby Kid Lights Himself on Fire
Hoop Catapult
William Shatner Comments on the new Star Trek Trailer
Star Trek Smallville
Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey
WB Does Not Pardon Turkey
Chicken Police
Cat Chilling Out
Rabbit Pwns Cat
Dog Malfunction
Snoop Dogg Makes Mashed Potatoes with Martha
Talk Like the Writers of Variety
Mega Man Fan Film Trailer
Bike Hero for Real This Time
Sesame Street 30 Rocks
Kenneth Eng, Asian Supremacist
American Idol Disappointment
How to Blog
Car Wash Mishap
Crazy Lady Attacks Reporters

  • joe

    lol snoop dogg.. “santa goes to the hood”

  • Matt

    Chicken Police was awesome!