Steven Seagal: Lawman is an Actual Reality Show Coming To A&E

Looks like the good folks at A&E are in the process of putting together a new reality show that could actually be the perfect replacement for Dog The Bounty Hunter. The network announced this week that they are currently in production on the first season of Steven Seagal: Lawman, a non-fiction series that will follow the adventures of actor/martial arts star/musician Steven Seagal, working as a deputy with the Jefferson Parish County Sheriff’s Office in New Orleans. No, this isn’t some Armed and Famous rip-off. Apparently while Seagal’s movies have been falling off the map over the past 20 years, he has actually been moonlighting as a cop, putting his aikido skills to good use fighting crime. Amazing.

Seagal had this to say about the show: “I decided to work with A&E on this series now because I believe it’s important to show the nation all the positive work being accomplished here in Louisiana.” Clearly this is all just a scheme to show up his rival Jean-Claude Van Damme, who just made a bit of a comeback with the movie JCVD. According to the article in Variety, Seagal also assisted with the recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and in his off time he continues to perform music and participate in various charities. The Dalai Lama would be proud. Steven Seagal: Lawman is currently scheduled to hit the airwaves sometime in late 2009.

  • I would love to see Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, Carl Weathers, and Dolf Lungren together in some 70s style action/comedy movie with a plot involving either fighting mutant ninja zombies or escaping an alien prison planet or an updated Cannonball Run.

  • Ian

    I predict that this will be a huge success. I’m also all for Glen’s idea about Cannonball Run but I’d make it a space race like that old Hanna Barbera cartoon.

  • Neil M

    This is amazing news. If you don’t agree with me, then you obviously haven’t seen Submerged or Kill Switch.

  • My Father looks like the black Steven Seagal. It’s possible I’ll clock his DVR for this because that vid was all about lol.

    “I would love to see Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, Carl Weathers, and Dolf Lungren together in some 70s style action/comedy movie”

    You win…EVERYTHING.

  • swarez

    No I think your dad wins everything.

  • Lol. He does.

  • Imre

    so what is this 30 second clip about anyways, it doesnt mean anything to me, its simple.

    yeh i guess comedy with all those guys will be cool, maybe even a normal serious style.

  • TRD13

    i think its about time we had a great martial arts film made with proper action stars i.e. van damme, steven seagal, mark dacascos, jet li, jackie chan, tony jaa, jeff speakman, dwayne johnson, chow yun fat and directed by john woo and jerry bruckheimer they could make an epic film for about 2-3 hours that would be awesome and make it a 18uk r-rated(us) instead of these crap ones they keep producing

  • i holely agree with glen that would be so great to have them altogether

  • i also think the cook neil perry looks a lot like steven

  • Mizzle




  • BT

    Haven’t any of you heard about The Expendables movie yet? Check it out on IMDB. The cast is pretty impressive for an action movie. Could be one of the best ever is Sly does it right.

  • jimmycrackcorn

    Is it mjust me or does he seem like he is totally wasted in that video. And what the F*CK was he talking about anyways. Throwing a monk in the water? I don’t think that fat f*cker could fight his way out of a crowded booth at Denny’s.

  • steven az every time is the best!congratulations!we are waiting for this show!


    His old movies were good but he has been going downhill for years now. I like Steven as an action martial arts actor but how many real fights has he been in?? And UFC/KARATE TOURNAMENTS/ AIKIDO TOURNAMENTS/ ARE NOT REAL FIGHTS! ADD THE REF. RULES AND YOU HAVE A SPORT!! AS FOR ME I AM 20-25W AND 0 LOSSES( real fights). Stick to the choreography Steve it makes you look bad ass. (Yes i was bragging) As for me i will watch lawman and will love it. But remember just cause you look bad ass on film doesnt make you a badd ass, or does it? We will see if he wooops any real ass soon..

  • Neal W Norris

    Excuse Me Wing I don’t believe that Law Enforcement is about whupping some ass , it’s about keeping the peace and protecting the PEOPLE!!!
    I for one would rather watch Steven do this , than watch that gloryhound Dog.

  • jeff

    hey wing chun retard you probably cant read so you probably dont know about he’s a 7th degree black belt in aikido. im sure he would be happy to bitch smack you. all you have to do is drive down to jefferson parish la and getcha some hero! anyone with any part of a brain has to realize that a person whos been doing martial arts that long has to be able to kick the shit out of you.


    hey jeff dumbass, watch his black belt test, but dont watch him, watch the idiots attacking. or should i say the people walking or running towards him one at a time with their arms out like they are going to hug him. come over here and try and bitch smack me. st g, utah. i would be glad to have you come to my class and fuck you up. i will give you the address if youd like. seagal is a pussy ass bitch. but i like him anyways. aikido sucks asshole. and so does your mom.

  • Whoa there people… can we all at least agree that Seagal’s musical talent makes up for any other shortcomings he may have.


    i love going into chat rooms and pissing people off. you can say anything you want and everybody is a bad ass mo fo…ha ha ha ha, lick my chode jeff, FAG!

  • Seagalismybitch

    Id like to see some crack dealer whoop the shit out this 60 year old fat man


    Fuck off Wingchun. 20-25 W and 0 Losses. who gives a fuck? like really? when you pull your head outta your ass, does it smell like roses? because the rest of the people on the forums know that your a bitch. Ima steal a word from Neal W Norris and call you a gloryhound. take your 25-0 record, and keep fighting in your daddys backyard with sockem boppers and pillows. lick your own nuts you fucking faggot. Steven Seagal could whoop your ass if he was a vegetable. suck it.

  • georgee

    How many people has Steven Seagal actually put away anyway? It ever is told and I was curious abut it.

  • Names suck

    WING CHUN JESS, I cannot count the number of fights I have been in but I can tell that you have never been in a street fight or altercation by your claiming of zero losses. Nobody goes undefeated; there is always someone bigger and badder out there. Congrats on trolling though, good job.

    This show looks to be a good laugh. I have seen Segal’s black belt test a couple of times. While it looks like he is doing nothing, it really shows his grasp of his art, minimal motion with maximum output. If his attackers were not committed to their attack, Aikido would fail since you need a committed attack for Aikido to be effective, it is a purely passive art form.

  • I love Steven Seagal, I am glad to see him acting in this show. I will see more of him in action, which I love. Way to go Steven. We love.

  • Ann Spires

    I love it! Do you realize that he took on a leaser salary to become a cop? What other actor has done this? I really want to watch this! I’m hooked already!

  • Howard

    I can NOT believe that Anyone is not only going to give this jackass a TV show, but there are actually people out there that are even considering watching it. What a load of crap. And what a sad commentary on our society. GET THIS AS*****E off our TVs and out of the theaters.

  • Scarface_402

    I like some of Steven Segal’s old movies but in reality he is a punk and thats why i Dont like him. I’ll watch his show but Im not expecting anything good out of it. I don’t think he can even really fight. He ran away from Van Damme at Sylvester Stallon’s party back in 1997, he’s a chump…thats all.

    Im looking forward to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s REAL FIGHT coming up in March 2010 at K-1. GO JCVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steven seagal

    all you guys are little faggits, fuckin punks he’s 57 and he could still snap your neck. you make me sick

  • steven seagal

    hey scarface 402 you’re a fuckin chump you goof