Weekly Poll Results: Board Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

I know last week’s poll topic was kind of a silly one, but I was still surprised by the results. Apparently Candyland is the board game that Film Junk readers would most like to see turned into a movie. Weird! I suppose that with Tim Burton directing and Johnny Depp starring it could be a pretty big success. Geek favourites Magic: The Gathering and Risk came in 2nd and 3rd in the poll, but I’m surprised Zombies!!! wasn’t higher on the list. And am I the only one who played Nightmare when I was younger? Say what you will, but I think that Gatekeeper character definitely deserves his own flick.

1. Candyland — 19.1%
2. Magic: The Gathering — 18.3%
3. Risk — 16.5%
4. Chess — 13.9%
5. Battleship — 8.7%
6. Zombies!!! — 7%
7. Fireball Island — 6.1%
8. Operation — 4.3%
8. Scotland Yard — 4.3%
10. Nightmare / Atmosfear — 1.7%

  • Actually the GateKeeper inspired a somewhat wacky short shown at Toronto After Dark this year. The shot on VHS and edited with two VCRs added to the veracity of the thing….

  • Awesome… did they get the actual guy to play The Gatekeeper?

  • Liz

    I’m also surprised Nightmare was so low on the list, especially since it’s got a bunch of built in sequels! The Gatekeeper always reminded me of the Emperor from Star Wars.

  • Ian

    Ha, I win! Yes Candy Land would be an awesome movie adaptation. They’d have to make it darker and sexier though … maybe bring in McG and the guy that directed the Spawn movie. That’s right 2 directors for Candy Land. And have Linklater do a fau-documentary within the story that deals with the issue of childhood obesity and diabettes.

  • gooso

    monopoly is already in production by ridley scott isn’t it? hahaha..

    but seriously guys it is. google it.