Creator of The O.C. to Write and Possibly Direct X-Men: First Class

Looks like that Young X-Men movie that we heard rumours about last year is actually going to happen, but it’s not exactly what you might expect. Variety reports that 20th Century Fox is developing an X-Men spin-off based on the X-Men: First Class comic book series. Josh Schwartz, creator of The O.C. and Gossip Girl, has been hired to write the script with an option to direct as well.

The idea behind the movie will be to focus on some of the younger characters that have had small roles in the previous films such as Iceman, Rogue, Angel, Colossus, Jubilee and Shadowcat, although there’s also the possibility that some other major characters will make appearances, possibly played by different actors. Despite his great track record in TV, Schwartz has yet to break into the world of movies, but he is currently scheduled to direct another movie called Looking for Alaska, which he also wrote. I have a feeling a lot of fans will scoff at the idea of a Young X-Men movie, but with all the prequels and spin-offs they are doing, I don’t see why there isn’t a place for something like this. I don’t personally have much interest in it, but I’m sure Schwartz will absolutely nail the target demographic. Thoughts?

  • As long as Patrick Stewart is still Professor X (quite possibly the greatest comic casting ever) then I’ll be fine.

  • what’s that goo that one guy is spraying the the other dude’s hair?