Now Angelina Jolie Wants to Retire from Acting Too?

A couple of weeks ago Joaquin Phoenix announced his supposed retirement from acting, and now it appears that Angelina Jolie is tentatively throwing her name into the retirement ring as well. According to Yahoo!, she says she is much more interested in spending time with her family as of late, and she plans to slowly cut down her acting gigs over the next few years.

“I don’t plan to keep acting very long, I’m ready to do a few things now and fade away and get ready to be a grandma one day… So maybe it will be once a year and then maybe it will be once every three years, and then just naturally — I like being home a lot these days.”

What’s with all these Hollywood folks acting too cool for school and claiming they’ve got better things to do? A lot of people would kill to be in their shoes. Then again, I’m sure there are aspects of being an actor that are more difficult than many of us common folk realize. Maybe she has just lost the creative spark. Either way, it’s still a little hard to take it seriously. I mean, if I could just decide to retire anytime I wanted, I’m sure I’d retire every couple of years too! Do you think she’s considering retirement too early? Is she at least going at the peak of her career?

  • anon

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  • Nicole Kidman is saying she might retire too. I think it’s just the trendy thing for movie stars to say. What they really mean is they’re going to be choosier with their roles, like Julia Roberts has been in recent years. At least that’s the impression I get with Kidman and Jolie. Who knows what Phoenix is doing…,21598,24672512-948,00.html

  • Les

    …Then I shall retire from going to the movies.

  • Bob The Slob

    she’s been in so many classics she really should retire…such a rich, wonderful career.

    give me a fuckin break…who care. Bye Mrs.Jolie…I will miss your blandness.