Film Junk Podcast Episode #194: Quantum of Solace

0:00 – Intro
5:30 – Headlines: Ridley Scott’s Monopoly, Karate Kid Remake
19:50 – What We Watched: When We Left The Earth, Baraka, Cabin Fever, Sukiyaki Western Django
28:40 – Trailer Trash: Star Trek, Watchmen, Dance Flick, 2012
1:00:35 – Review: Quantum of Solace
1:32:28 – Junk Mail / Live Questions
2:07:45 – This Week on DVD
2:09:08 – Outro

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  • Goon

    I’m not sure how Sean managed to have a better initial impression of QoS than he did of Casino Royale…

  • joe

    I listened to the stream lying in bed, and fell asleep sometime before the QoS review lol. Then woke up to the live questions… I’ll have to d/l the podcast later.

  • funny enough, I rather agree with Sean on almost all points he makes his print review.

  • Lucky Luke

    It is Vesper not Vespa. So you had it correct the first time.

  • rico

    why were people baggin’ on John Campea?

  • adam

    tried the #1 firefly podcast since im a firefly fan, and it was boring. congratulations your still my agent.

  • Primal

    rico – It’s probably expected to hear someone not liking Campea on this site because the people over at TMB generally have the opposite opinion from the people here.

    I use to go on TMB back in the day for all my movie news but now there are so many movie blogging sites that pretty much post the same news. It kinda comes down to who’s podcasters opinions you align with the most. For me its FJ, RowThree, and I’m starting to listen to the /slashfilm guys since Sean has been a guest with them several times.

  • rus

    Don’t get overwhelmed by the Star Trek Trailer. There is some strong evidence that this is going to be a watered down, teen love fest, with no story. Hear me out – the evidence:

    Kirk in all scenes of the trailer appears to be designed like a “rebel without a cause”, James Dean character. Evidence: underage driving, scared face as he looks at ship being built, voiceover of Captain saying, “You always felt you didn’t belong…”, Fighting with Spock. What’s wrong with this character design is the film will portray Kirk as all “piss and vigor” and lose the free thinking, student of history and nautical warfare we know a young Kirk was. Yes, he was tough but you know he was a curious young man also. I guarantee there will be a jarring transition of Kirk in to the Captains seat – there will be very little of the service and learning you know a cadet like Kirk went through. You know this will happen as the website has both photos of a senior class on the bridge and then one with all the young characters taking their place. Kirk’s hand is bandaged and I can see with all this evidence how the movie will play out: Kirk rebel, drawn to academy, Captain talks him into service, introduce to other young characters, fighting – drinking – sex between young characters, Senior Officers killed, young characters thrown in to premature command of ship. Kirk will assume the Captains chair with no evidence of maturity or development. Why? Because that shit is boring to the main stream.

    I also have a problem with the ship building scene. Cool yes, logical no. The whole design of the Star Trek saucer type ships are to be assembled in zero gravity. You would never design a ship like this to be built in gravity – it is highly inefficient, the joints between the masses would break. And how is it launched?

    Finally, go to the website and get pass the bells and whistles and click on “Story”…the space to describe the film’s story says nothing and repeats the “young new crew..” That’s a film concept not a story idea.
    Basically, with the evidence I’ve presented this beautiful exciting trailer has strong evidence that this film will be a watered down, dumbed down, balls and butts, teen lover, money grab. No thought provoking topics will be introduced in this Star Trek – which is what the Star Trek original idea was, now lost.


  • rus

    I love being right, from the Ain’t It Cool News website this post about private screening of 4 scenes with JJ Abrams includes this:

    “In the first clip, we meet Kirk at a futuristic bar (with Slusho mix for sale and menus containing moving pictures!) hitting on Uhura with a terribly ugly alien sitting in between them at the bar, just chilling out. Their flirting is adorable and the chemistry great. And right off the bat, the vibe seems perfect. Futuristic, but still slightly mod. An awesome bar fight ensues with a cadet who is a little too protective over Uhura, then a bloodied up Kirk meets Bruce Greenwood’s Pike in a sweet scene that ended up giving me goosebumps at the end. Needless to say, by the end of their conversation Kirk has a new direction in life and already JJ is spot on with combining our real world with the Trek universe.

    The next scene involves Bones sneaking Kirk onto the Enterprise. Again, great scene. Here we begin to see Kirk transform from troubled, semi-bumbling youth into what he eventually becomes. Can’t wait to see this progression fully played out. Here we got to meet Chekov & Spock. Even though I don’t really know what they were like on the original show, they seemed great to me. The interior of the ship looks beyond cool, Eric Bana is unrecognizable and Megan from Felicity is part of the crew! Again, I got goosebumps, but this time from a very cool and sudden reveal of sorts. This is about the point when I remembered how awesome JJ is and I should never have doubted him in the first place.”

  • Peking Duck

    I guess people don’t like Campea because the man comes off as a ego centric douche for the most part.

    And Rus. You are probably about 90% right about the new Trek film.

  • Greg

    Somehow we got on the topic of film reviewers. Overrated ones I think. Someone in the chat room dropped Campea’s name. I pointed it out. That’s all.

    I’ve never met him nor visited his website, so I really have no opinion. I did hear that he went to the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival and only went to after parties. Didn’t see one movie. That might just be hearsay though.

  • rico

    actually i was kind of happy to hear people baggin’ on campea. I got into movie sites thanks to the movieblog but over time have begun to hate the site as I’ve found they simply scour other sites, repost, and then throw up random reviews that seem designed to garner alot of hits like when campea wrote a negative review of the dark knight and scored it below wanted. Then has come around and hoisted it as the possible oscar winner. I’m sorry to vent but on the TMB site everyone is riding that guys jock and I didn’t know other people felt like me. Greg I bet you were right about the TIFF 07 after parties, seems par for the course. I always thought you guys were friends since I’ve heard doug nagy mentioned on your cast before and assumed you guys might know one another seeing as how you live in the same province (i think) and might have come across one another at different festivals. I’ve come to see that for Campea the movie blog is only a stepping stone to get him into the cool parties to meet the cool people (any of whom he’s willing to have on his show to let them prostitize their films) and then try to turn around and get his own film made. which now that he’s working on a film his site is falling apart and neglected. I can’t wait to see his film bomb and watch him try to turn opinion around and begin to attack the film undustry of those that he will percieve wronged him.

    any way i want to end on a positive note! I love the filmjunk podcast! I foundout about you guys because of the slashfilmcast which along with the totally rad show make up my holytrinity of movie and entertainment podcasts. Thank you greg and everyone at FJ for all you do! and Go SABRES!!!!!

  • Goon

    point of contention – Chinese Democracy doesn’t suck. At least Klostermann agrees with me :P

  • More Reed! That guy is all over the place, damn hilarious!

  • Thx, ColinZeal! However, I do agree with Sean and Jay that it’s best I only show up once in a while, because my antics would get tiresome week after week. And people would realize how much of an “egocentric douche” I am.

    Rus, you are right. But I happen to like Felicity, so I’ll probably enjoy the new movie.

    About the ship assembled on Earth controversy, people have always said that it makes more sense to build starships in orbit, but they always say that without taking into account the technology that will be available in the 23rd century. Remember, they have at least tractor beam technology.

    And I do think you’re being nit-picky as all good Trekkies are, because it is kind of awesome to be able to drive up and see the Enterprise being built.

  • rus

    Thanks Reed, but the scene with the ship shows shoring and not a tractor beam type device holding the ship in place…engineers would just never take that approach if it was to be built/launched from earth. I know they did it to create a cool, majestic scene but my worry is they will take the cute, cool approach to all story lines and such. What will be the result? Someone else said it STAR TREK 90210

    I’m actually not a Trekie, just a fan of good, tight movies.

    Reed, how will you feel if they portray Kirk as a rebel without a cause type character – all emotion, no intellect that ascends to the captains’ chair without earning it? This is your hero’s origin story !!!! (Unless you identify w/ Spock – then you’re set)

  • rus, I just got around to reading your comment.

    I don’t see how Kirk could get the captain’s chair without intellect.

    Actually, if they portray Kirk in a light that I don’t like, then I’ll just wait for the next reboot to come along. :-)

    I’m not a stickler for canon.