Video of Reed Farrington’s Reaction to the New Star Trek Trailer

As usual, we didn’t get to see the new Star Trek trailer with Quantum of Solace here in Canada, but thanks to all the people who sent in links, we were able to check out the bootleg version of the trailer that has been floating around online. It’s certainly decent enough quality, although the true HD Vimeo version seems to be dead already. I decided to record Reed Farrington’s reaction as he watched the trailer for the first time, I have embedded that video along with the leaked trailer itself below. I’ll post a better quality version when it goes online Monday. What do you guys think of it?

Update: Further thoughts about the trailer from Reed Farrington in Treknobabble #41.

  • Neil M

    Jesus Reed you were practically making out with the computer screen by the end. That trailer did look good though.

  • IF the Star Trek franchise is trying to recruit new fans….count me in!

  • RJ


    Great idea by the way.

  • From what I could see of it, it looked great.

  • cronenfly

    looks like it should be fun

  • Mike

    wow i am impressed. I wasn’t expecting much and that was probably a good thing for them, because I am excited about this movie now.

  • It didn’t suck.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Best line= “I recognize the Vasquez rocks there”

  • fizzle

    this was almost as disturbing as 2 girls 1 cup…

  • I’m not a big fan of the trailer but I loved Reed Farrington’s reaction. Great idea guys!

  • Hey, I didn’t know they were making another Star Wars movie!

  • Sean had the idea of filming me. I didn’t think I could provide entertaining enough commentary. It really was my first time watching it, so I was trying to not speak over any interesting audio. But I guess it’s one of those Andy Kaufmanesque moments where watching a doofus enthralled by a Star Trek trailer could be comedic.