Watchmen Trailer #2

The new theatrical trailer for Watchmen has finally debuted online and will be playing with Quantum of Solace this weekend. Before you watch, let me assure you that this one actually has a lot of brand new stuff in it, including actual dialogue (and melodramatic voice over narration), but it also doesn’t use that Smashing Pumpkins song either. This trailer highlights more of the story instead of just cool visuals, and it should definitely satisfy fans of the graphic novel. I’m curious to hear what people who haven’t read the comic will think of it, although I can’t see anyone not being drawn in by it. Watch it in HD over at Yahoo! now. Watchmen hits theatres on March 6th.

  • Philip Glass and Muse.

  • The Philip Glass stuff is from Koyaanisqatsi I think?

  • I have an online buddy who seems to be dedicated to hating this. I have no idea why. It looks so god damned awesome.

  • My teenaged nieces introduced me to Muse last year. Don’t know how Muse got to be so popular all of a sudden within the past couple of years since they’ve been around in some form or other since 1994.

    I noticed that Muse is also on the Twilight soundtrack.

  • My guess is Guitar Hero.

  • Whoever is picking the music for the trailers is doing a damned good job. I know i wrote a big long thing about how much i hated watchmen after reading it when the MTV trailer came out bbut this is drawing me right back in, I think i was missing something. Maybe I should reread it, or just see the movie on its own and judge it like that.

  • Goon

    Muse is a great choice for the trailer.

    Guitar Hero helped, but Muse generally simply improved since their debut when they seemed like an earlier-era Radiohead ripoff. That and word of mouth. Muse are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. Saw them at V-Fest a couple years ago, I went to their set thinking they were just okay, and that I just wanted to be in a good spot for Gnarls Barkley and the Flaming Lips later, but ended up really impressed and became a big fan because of it.

  • @Sean: Yeah, that’s Koyaanisqatsi! I have my Father’s old vinyl…sad that millions of people will see the trailer and think that’s the original soundtrack for “Watchmen”…because apparently music will be regurgitated so many times that eventually no one will know who wrote the original piece!

    Never heard of Muse…*googling*

  • Is it only me that find the voices of Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan impossible to take seriously?

    I like Starlight.

  • paulieq

    holy crap now i want to see this movie……..

  • Ian

    Oh it is Philip Glass and Muse … cool. Just so long as he doesn’t use that Cloudscape track. I want to use that one someday for some kind of fantastical airship heavy adventure tale. This trailer probably does little more to elucidate the uninformed viewer and to be honest it still doesn’t tell me if this Snyder guy has a reasonable handle on the material. So far he’s put together 2 great trailer filled with great trailer moments but a good movie is more than just explosions, screaming, and tough looks.

  • I’ve had never even heard of muse before, they remind me of queen

  • Mike

    Um….fucking rad. Although I admit, as soon as the trailer ended i played “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.” I’m a sucker for Billy Corgan…. well Matt Bellamy too.

    Not hear of Muse?? Wow…that makes me sad…

  • Goon

    “Is it only me that find the voices of Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan impossible to take seriously?”

    They’re cartoonish, but I find them appropriate. That voice is exactly what Rorschach wants to be, and I always figured Manhattan just sounded like a regular dude. I know some people always thought he’d have some big booming voice, but I don’t see how that can be reconciled with how he handles himself amongst others.

  • Liney

    On the subject of recycling soundtrack music, Clint Mansell must be able to retire a million times over from the royalties he will have received for the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. I still hear the main theme used everywhere, from other film trailers, to football (soccer) coverage, to the X Factor (UK equivalent of American Idol) etc etc. It’s literally everywhere, but then I was annoyed back when it came out that the soundtrack didn’t win an Oscar.

    I’m surprised so many people haven’t heard of Muse…

  • Henrik

    Rorschach doesn’t sound like a guy with a gruff voice, it sounds like a guy with a normal voice, doing a gruff voice. Which doesn’t make sense to me. He is supposed to be monotone, not throaty. Maybe they should have hired Ja Cheel?

    And Dr. Manhattan doesn’t sound like a normal guy at all! He sounds like a timid boy, which he doesn’t act like, so feels out of place. I think he looks pretty perfect, but maybe the CGI mouth thing is putting me off? It was laughable in the trailer.

    I reluctantly had to admit that the first trailer worked for me, but the more I see, the dumber it looks. I mean Ozymandias in this? When you see him can you take him seriously?

  • Take A Bow

    The song is Take a Bow, off of Black Holes and Revelations.

  • Luo Xingming

    It’s Take a Bow, from Black Holes and Revelations.