Jaden Smith Confirmed for Karate Kid Remake

We first caught wind of a Karate Kid remake last September, and although initially the rumours were thought to have been debunked, it looks like the project is still moving forward at Will Smith’s production company Overbrook Entertainment. What’s more, the original rumour about Will Smith’s son Jaden starring in the remake has now been confirmed! Jaden Smith apparently practices martial arts of some sort which is likely the reason why his father has such an interest in it.

The script is currently being written by a guy named Chris Murphy, but with so many Chris Murphys on IMDb, I have no idea what his previous credits might be. They are aiming to shoot the flick next year in Beijing, which leads to the next point: Jaden Smith is only 10 years old, and will be 11 by next July. Isn’t he a little bit young to be playing the lead? Ralph Macchio was 23 years old when he played Daniel-san. Either way, this is a movie that simply doesn’t need a remake: it was a product of its time, and everyone and their mother has already seen it. I have no interest in this, and I can’t imagine many people paying to see it (although if Will Smith himself takes on a small role in the film, it would be a different story). Man, I can’t wait to find out who plays Mr. Miyagi in this version. My vote is for Forest Whitaker! Does anyone out there actually think this remake is a good idea?

  • Bob The Slob

    Do I really need to say anything negative…we all get the point…to quote Idiocracy “SHIT SUCKS”

  • Derek

    Samuel Jackson should play Mr. Myagi.

  • Itchy-finger

    The Karate Kid films are guilty pleasures to me, I cannot help but stop and watch them whenever they are shown on TV. I don’t think this movie needs a remake, especially when they tried that already with The Next Karate Kid. But whatever.

    “your the best around, and nothing’s ever going to keep you down”

  • paulieq

    as long as they dont use the crane kick at the end of the first movie ill be up for a karated kid remake would have liked to seen a fith one how ever insted of a remake……

  • Ian

    You know I don’t get why people do so many remakes. Granted when you get down to the fundamentals there are only a handful of stories to be told, so why not tell this story of a kid that learns to stand up and be strong with the help of a grandfatherly mentor, etc. and not make it a remake. Hell I just watched Leviathan which is pretty much Alien underwater but it’s not a remake.

  • swarez

    While I could care less if they remake it or not I have to agree that Jaden Smith is too young. Of course then it becomes a kids film and will most likely be much different than the original. Seeing that they are shooting in China confirms that as well.

  • MJ

    Will Smith and his entire family are very talented. The best to them all.