Film Junk Podcast Episode #193: Changeling

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
13:02 – Headlines: Joe Johnston Directing Captain America, Farrelly Brothers to Direct The Three Stooges, Not Another Not Another Movie, Christopher Nolan Sued by Batman
31:08 – What We Watched: Pride and Glory, Drillbit Taylor, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, American Movie, Margot at the Wedding, The Savages, Faces of Death
49:48 – Top 5 PG-rated Comedies
1:07:00 – Review: Role Models
1:17:28 – Review: Changeling
1:32:05 – Junk Mail
1:35:00 – Outro

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  • Man, I was hoping for Reed as the guest. More Reed!
    (I´m serious)
    Now onto the rest of the podcast…

  • About John Malkovich not standing above and beyond: I just saw Colour Me Kubrick which is a pretty bad movie, but John Malkovich in it is absolutely extraordinary.

    And Frank is another awesome guest – Shit Towne is fucked a wicked tune.

  • Great PG comedy lists guys. I’m shocked though that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off wasn’t mentioned. I hope the only reason for this is because it was rated PG-13 in the US. It’s PG in Ontario, so it counts to me. Other classics on my list are Airplane!, which I saw once long ago but only recently rediscovered, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vactation. My last two are somewhat underrated: Rookie of the Year and Splash. Two of my favourite movies from childhood that suprisingly have held up and still entertain me as an adult. Both feature great supporting roles by timeless John Candy. :D

  • swarez

    The Marx Brothers have been remade already. The classic John Turturo comedy Brain Donors is basically a remake of Night At The Opera. Great film by the way.

  • Love me some Brain Donors. It’s been years since I saw it. But it was my real introduction to the fabulous John Turturro.

  • Primal

    Ustream is way more impressive than talkshoe for sure. Good thing I have twitter or I wouldnt of seen half of last night’s show live :)

    Ah man, I thought Repossessed was an awesome movie when I was a kid. I wonder if that movie holds up today.

    Pretty cool top 5 this week. Nice for including Dr. Stranglelove Greg. I would put Young Frankenstein on my list to represent Mel Brooks.

  • Matt

    Well done guys. Frank did a terrific job. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with those people in the chat-room. Hmm. I can’t believe it. I didn’t miss Jay at all. I did however miss Reed. And I was a little disappointed when Sean didn’t announce his name.
    And Sean is not an idiot, despite what Greg says. So, Sean is an idiot, for having a different opinion than Greg about one tiny issue? To Greg, is then every person in the entire world an idiot, because you are bound to disagree with EVERYONE about something? Can reasonable men not disagree? People who question other people’s intelligence are most likely insecure themselves.
    Sorry to go off like that.
    Anyway, keep up the good work guys, even Greg, when he’s not being an asshole, which is actually most of the time.

  • Liz

    I saw Changeling this afternoon and thought it was decent but not great. I tend to go see movies without knowing anything about them beyond what’s in the trailer, so while the trailer made me think this was solely about the mother finding her son, the whole major plot that took up the second half of the film kind of threw me for a loop since the content of the second half was something I couldn’t really stomach. I still feel kind of ill about it.

  • Thx ColinZeal and Matt for missing me. I realize my detractors outnumber my “fans,” so there’s no need for you detractors to comment about not missing me. Matt, I’m surprised you dissed Jay by not missing him. Ha-ha.

    Wow, Greg called Sean an idiot? I don’t feel so bad now when Greg calls me an idiot. I thought “You’re an idiot” was Greg’s catchphrase although Jay sometimes uses it as well.

    I get the feeling that Greg and I will never be on the same podcast because of our different personalities. I think Frank and I have different opinions about things, so Frank and Greg are probably a good combo.

    Maybe I should have a listen…

  • Nuno

    Damn those podcast awards! I only voted for The Signal half as many times as I voted for Film Junk.

  • Reed, you and Greg are going to be on the show together next week! You better bring your brass knuckles!

    As for the “You’re an idiot” thing, it has kind of become a running joke, although I’m pretty sure Jay and Greg really do mean it in certain instances. Either way, disagreements tend to make for better podcasts.

    Reed you should watch Zodiac, I’m sure you’d back me up on it. I’d be curious to hear how long it takes for you to nod off. ;)

  • Peter H.

    Hey guys, Frank was great and seemed to fit right in. I was also hoping for a Reed guest spot when I heard that Jay was not going to be on the show, but Frank was great in his absence. Good show guys.

  • Greg

    The idiot thing has always been Jay’s trademark. Since he was gone..I figured I needed to represent Jay.

    Matt: I’m offended that you think I’m an asshole most of the time. Clearly, you haven’t been listening. I’m an asshole all of the time.

  • Goon

    Good show. I like Frank, though I was saddened when his “Hey Now” was revealed to be inspired by Howard Stern instead of the correct response, Hank from The Larry Sanders Show.

    I too enjoy “Clifford” and wrote a retro review for it in the Spacejunk era. My favorite PG comedy is probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, if that counts. Action comedy, whatever it fits into, close enough.

    I like Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey more than Excellent Adventure. I find the first one drags.

    I’m also looking forward to Role Models, specifically because of David Wain. If you’re not familiar with him, specifically its because of a TV show called “Stella” that I luff him. Its three guys in suits just doing bizarre shit, with lots of good guest appearances from unexpected people. It’s not entirely a sitcom, or a sketch show, its just stupid. But its also kind of ironic, it just works on a bunch of weird levels and is the Pet Show of my household. I somehow think Jay would like it, I mean if you can get Tim and Eric and Sealab you should be able to understand what Stella is aiming for.

    The guys from Stella are awesome. Wain also directed the Ten, which is good but not amazing, and Wet Hot American Summer, which is a classic, but might not work for some people like it did back when it came out. It relies on retro 80s movie style gags and kitsch, but this was long before Napoleon Dynamite tapped into it and for many people ended it for them.
    Their individual projects are also appealing – the other main Stella castmates, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, both have good/great comedy albums. Michael Showalter directed a real gem of an indie romantic comedy called The Baxter, and Ian Black directed Wedding Daze which some people have called absolutely horrible and others defend it as a secret work of genius. I’m not ready to find out yet, I’d rather assume the latter than have him let me down with what looks like a shitty movie from the trailer.

    But yeah, Sean and Jay should give Stella a chance. I’m not sure its Greg’s cup of tea – not saying its over your head, I’m just not sure its your style.

  • I’ve seen The Baxter! (It has Michelle Williams in it, ahem.) It was entertaining, but the script was kind of bland.

    Jay doesn’t watch television, so he won’t watch Stella. Stella must be on a cable channel because I’ve never heard of it.

  • Goon

    Stella was on for one season on Comedy Central in the US, that’s it, and that was in like, 2005.

    The Baxter’s script is indeed bland, but its mostly on purpose, the humor is quite subtle, not highbrow subtle but most of the humor is supposed to be from the characters being bland, ultra-safe people whose quirks come from being completely ordinary.

    I actually doubt Role Models fits the Stella sense of humor to a tee either. Since they’ve split up as a group their projects have had to be a bit more broad to get made. If you want to try out the Stella humor you’d have to check out the show itself, or Wet Hot American Summer, or certain parts of the Ten.

    or maybe The State. I’ve never seen it because the DVD keeps getting pushed back, but The State was a MTV show from the 90s that had a lot of the cast they work with/friends with… when they split the 3 became Stella and the rest went off and made Reno 911 (A show I don’t particularly enjoy at all, but theres good people in that troupe when they work with the Stella guys).

    I can’t even point to specific clips, because the show is done as such that if you havent seen it, it’ll just be annoying or senseless. I know I didn’t care for any clips I saw until I saw them within the show.

    I just this easter egg from the DVD is a better example of the kind of shit to expect:

  • dirrrtyfrank

    Sorry Goon, I only meant the use of ‘Hey Now’ to repeated annoyance on a radio show was inspired by Howard Stern … not the actual quote itself. That was unoriginal bullshit on my part anyway … sorry on all counts.

    Anyone out there watch Nothing Nut Trouble yet? Get on it!!!!!