The Farrelly Brothers to Direct The Three Stooges Movie

It’s been a long time coming, but apparently The Farrelly Brothers have finally managed to get a new, modernized take on The Three Stooges off the ground over at MGM. It was announced today that the project will be moving forward based on a script that the duo have written themselves. It is currently known only as The Untitled Three Stooges Project. They have been shopping this project around since the mid-90s, but MGM liked their idea to tell an “origin story” of sorts for Larry, Moe and Curly, making it possible to introduce them to a new generation and kickstart a possible new franchise.

Peter Farrelly had this to say:

“We love The Stooges! They have been sending the world into hysterics for more than 80 years. Movie goers today deserve their own Stooges and we look forward to introducing them to a new generation of knuckleheads.”

While I don’t doubt the massive influence that The Three Stooges have had on comedy over the years, I think they might have their work cut out for them in finding a way to reinvent them for today’s moviegoing audience. It seems to me that the typical slapstick routines no longer work (then again, the success of the Jackass movies might tell a different story). Perhaps all they have to do is make it about real people hurting themselves and each other! One thing’s for sure… Sam Raimi is probably pretty jealous right about now. What do you think, can The Three Stooges be updated and made hip for a new generation, or is this project a lost cause?

  • It could be updated…but why? Dumb & Dumber is what it would be: funny; but with no need for sequels.

  • Chopper

    ben stiller
    owen wilson
    jack black
    the three stooges

  • Greg

    Hmmm. I love the Three Stooges. I love random pie fights and hitting people in the skull with hammers.

    Not sure this would be worth doing though.

    It’d be like trying to re-do the Marx Brothers. Anyone ever seen Brain Donors with John Turturro?