Angels and Demons Trailer Starring Tom Hanks

Love it or hate it, The Da Vinci Code made a ton of money at the box office in 2006… $217 million to be exact ($77 million of which came on the opening weekend). I happen to agree with most of the dismal reviews; the book was kind of fun, but it simply wasn’t made to work on the big screen. Of course, since Dan Brown has written numerous books based on the main character Robert Langdon, a sequel was inevitable, and thus Angels & Demons is now on its way to the big screen.

Similar to The Da Vinci Code, the book finds Langdon caught up in another conspiracy, but this time dealing with the Illuminati, that shadowy underground organization that some believe actually controls the world. Chronologically speaking, it’s a prequel, although I don’t think any of the events in this story influence The Da Vinci Code. The first teaser trailer for the movie has arrived, and I have to say… I’m hooked. The Illuminati are just cool. I haven’t actually read the book yet, but I am now feeling the urge to do so. Fortunately, I still have 7 months to procrastinate. Director Ron Howard is back, as is Tom Hanks… and according to producer Brian Grazer: “He’s got a scene where he’s swimming in Speedos, and he looks fantastic.” Now I REALLY can’t wait. Check out some photos (none of Hanks in a Speedo unfortunately) over at USA Today. Angels and Demons hits theatres on May 15th, 2009; check out the trailer below.

  • Bas

    Thought the first one lacked the suspense of the book. This trailer looks pretty cool though, so I’ll probably go check it out.

  • Matt

    Oh man… I tried reading this book but gave up halfway through, because it was just so mind-numbingly hackneyed, predictable, and frustrating. Not only could I guess most of the “plot twists”, if they can even be called that, but the things that I did not foresee were so outrageously nonsensical, that I got angry at myself for wasting my own time. The dialogue of the characters, especially the female lead (her name escapes me), appears to have been conceived in a high school English class. The one thing that was in any way redeeming about the book is that I thought to myself “Hey, you too can be a no talent millionaire author.”
    I certainly don’t have anything against his portrayal of the Catholic Church. The catholic hierarchs (whatever) are being completely moronic in their condemnation of Dan Brown’s “work”, not only because it gives him more publicity, but also because it really doesn’t help them refute the stereotype that they are dogmatic fanatics. If they actually read what he wrote they would see that the best way to handle Brown’s book’s is to keep their mouth shut and let the public figure out what a crock of shit his writing is.
    I don’t mind his religious commentary at all, it’s just everything else that I do mind. In fact if the church stuff wasn’t in there it would have lost my attention a lot sooner.
    In fairness I have neither read The DaVinci Code, nor have I seen the movie of the same name, but I know that after my brief experience with Angels and Demons I will do neither (at least not for my personal enjoyment.)
    In conclusion, I certainly do not look forward to this movie, nor the fake controversy that will surround it.

  • Bas

    For me Dan Brown’s books are a bit of a guilty pleasure. They’re hardly literature, but you can see the movie-version in your head when you read his stuff. I guess that’s why The Da vInci Code kinda sucked. And I agree Matt, his plot-twists are pretty predictable.