Frank Miller Back on Buck Rogers?

We first started hearing reports back in May of a new Buck Rogers movie coming from Nu Image/Millennium Films, and at the time it was rumoured that Frank Miller was under consideration to direct. However, that rumour was quickly squashed as the folks at Nu Image explained that although they were developing a Buck Rogers movie, they hadn’t actually decided on a director yet. Perhaps they were just putting out feelers, trying to gauge the public reaction to such a thing, or maybe they were waiting to see how Frank Miller’s directorial debut The Spirit turned out.

Whatever the reason, it now appears that they have sealed the deal with Miller in spite of the negative buzz surrounding The Spirit. IESB spoke to The Spirit producer Deborah Del Prete at the 2008 Spike TV Scream Awards, where she revealed that Miller would be bringing an “old school sci-fi hero” back to the big screen, and that it would be officially announced shortly. Further investigation seems to indicate that the project in question is indeed Buck Rogers. The movie is supposedly being written by Flint Dille, a guy who wrote for numerous ’80s cartoons including G.I. Joe, Transformers, Visionaries and Inhumanoids. The project is budgeted around $40 million, which may mean they are maintaining cheap low budget special effects that Buck Rogers is known for. What do you think about this project? Is Frank Miller the right man to direct? Would you rather see a serious Buck Rogers update, or a campy throwback?

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  • Michael

    I would like to see them put the same effort into a Buck Rogers feature film as they have with Transformers, Iron Man and GI Joe.

  • Sean

    The special effects they used during the Series and the First Movie were ok for the time, you got to remember that the first Buck Rogers movie was produced by the same studio that did Battlestar Galactica and Glen Larson also produced both series as well. As for today, I think that it would be a HUGE MISTAKE for these people, whoever they are to not put fourth a 110 percent effort into this project. If you are not going to take Buck Rogers SERIOUSLY, then I dont think they are the ones for the job, and the project should be stopped before any junk is released to the public. I think the actors and most especially Mr Gil Gerrard should be remembered with more respect that what these people are planning.