The Soloist Delayed, Robert Downey Jr. To Launch Oscar Campaign for Tropic Thunder Instead

This year’s Oscar crowd just keeps getting thinner. After The Weinsteins talked last week about possible delays for The Road and The Reader that would potentially put them out of the running for the Academy Awards, Paramount announced a delay of their own that would relocate the upcoming Jamie Foxx/Robert Downey Jr. drama The Soloist to March. It’s pretty obvious that the movie was originally conceived to be a blatant Oscar bid (B.O.B.), so a lot of the people involved are none too pleased about a move that will make it ineligible for this year’s Oscars. Paramount is citing the economic downturn as the main reason; they needed to cut costs this fall and felt that The Soloist could still do well commercially if it was released early next year instead.

While Jamie Foxx and director Joe Wright don’t have anything else to fall back on, Robert Downey Jr.’s people have a back up plan: to push for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his performance in Tropic Thunder! Wow, I thought that was nothing more than idle fanboy chatter, but apparently the studio is actually going to launch a campaign for it. Considering how little competition there is this year, he may even have a shot! I have a feeling we may also see more nominations for movies like The Dark Knight or even Wall-E this year too. It should be interesting either way. Do you think RDJ should be nominated for Tropic Thunder?

  • Liz

    The Soloist looked like a B.O.B. but it also looked RIDICULOUSLY awful, so even if it had stayed in the running I don’t think it would have helped create a strong Oscar year this year.

    RDJ’s performance in Tropic Thunder was amusing, but it’s not something that struck me as spectacularly Oscar worthy. I know comedies usually get the short end of the stick come Oscar season and people in comedies frequently get overlooked, but I don’t feel like this is such an amazing performance that it deserves a nomination.

  • Matt

    I wonder what Jay has to say about a possible RDJ Tropic Thunder Oscar nomination. Would be an interesting read.

  • Goon

    I have one word about an RDJ TT campaign:


  • Considering all the crap that gets nominated for the Oscars (I’d say artistic merit accounts for about 20% of the Academy’s decision making process). So whatever, I thought his performance was multi-layered (I’m going against Jay on that one) and it made me laugh pretty hard.

    Is that not more difficult to do than, I dunno, Ralph Fiennes or Adrian Brody looking pensive and dejected for an entire film? Dunno. I don’t hold too much stock in the Academy’s choices as representing the actual greatest performances of the year, so I won’t lose any sleep over this.