Treknobabble #36: J.J. Abrams Star Trek Photos Mini-Podcast

Since we were recording The Movie Club Podcast last night with Reed Farrington making his first ever appearance on the show, we also took the opportunity to sit down with him and get his thoughts on the newly released Star Trek photos. The result is the first ever Treknobabble mini-podcast (something we may or may not continue to do in the future whenever major stuff is released from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek). You can listen to the embedded recording below or download the MP3.

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  • Is Spock played by the guy from Heroes?
    I really can´t detach him from the role so that too will destroy Star Trek for me. Besides it being Star Trek in the first place

  • ColinZeal, Mr. Spock is indeed being played by Zachary Quinto who plays Sylar on Heroes. In Season 4 of Heroes, Sylar will be revealed as the young Mirror Universe Mr. Spock, so everything will nicely tie in together.

    It’s not too late for J.J. Abrams to retitle the movie in order to draw in the people who hate Star Trek. How about “Startanic”?

  • I´d prefer the title “Stargirls” with lots of naked titties. Tech-porn!

  • Reed reminds me of my photo journalisim teacher,about the composition of photos and such. #1 Rule of Photo Journalisim: Never shoot at an angle.

  • theman

    Does Reed like anything come on…. I think they look great. Except Kirk…

  • theman, you’re like Jay in that whenever I express a negative opinion about something he likes, I’m accused either of having no taste, sense of humour, whatever, or deliberately provoking an argument.

    We all have our own opinion although Jay more often than not converts me to have the same opinion as him.

    I was skimming through a book by Diane West, I think, in which she thinks that American men have stopped growing up and have become soft. I think she’s talking about man-children like me. I think she thinks men should be squashing the rebel forces in Iraq rather than expressing anti-war sentiments and presumably playing videogames.

    Back to the photos, I think we need to get some photographer opinions out there. I know they’re screen captures. Rather than blame the director, I’m just going to say they’re bad screen captures. I should search to see if J.J. Abrams has any comments about these photos.