Franklyn Trailer Starring Ryan Phillippe

I’ve been looking forward to catching a glimpse Gerald McMorrow’s Franklyn since I first heard about it sometime last year. Basically it’s a sci-fi film that takes place in (you guessed it) a dystopian future (London, specifically) where religion runs the government. Ryan Phillippe plays a masked vigilante who is trying to end the madness. Yeah, it sounds like a low budget version of V For Vendetta, and the new trailer for Franklyn kind of confirms that outlook. However, there is also a strange twist in the form of two parallel worlds, which adds a whole other layer of complexity to the story.

I am guessing this movie will end up being comparable to Equilibrium (ie. an indie flick with big ideas that can’t quite follow through on them). Nonetheless, I look forward to checking it out when it finally gets released here in North America. Franklyn co-stars Eva Green, Sam Riley, and Bernard Hill, and it will premiere at the London Film Festival this weekend. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

  • Just from the trailer, I have no idea what this movie is about. It doesn’t look much like V For Vendetta really in the preview, but then, it doesn’t look like something worth checking out, either.

  • I’m big on character design so I kinda dig it actually. Directorial debut eh? Hopefully its a good one.

    If this ends up being any good the steampunks will be going nuts over it!

  • luv him!! check this out!

    my blog about him!