Colore Non Vedenti: Video Diary #3 – “Dinner’s Up”

So we had a pretty big shoot last weekend and managed to get four scenes finished over two days. That means about 70% of our short horror film, Colore Non Vedenti, is now complete! I’ve posted a bunch of pictures over at the production blog, but I thought I’d share the third production diary here on Film Junk. We filmed in a really cool diner here in town, and not only did the scene turn out great, but the whole night was a lot of fun. Check it out below!

  • cronenfly

    So what are your plans for Colore Non Vedenti when it is completely finished?

  • is this going to DVD? where is it going to be available?

  • The film will be entered into festivals and most likely put up online at some point as a free streaming video.

  • cronenfly

    Jay C You are my hero!