WB Wants Ryan Gosling as Green Lantern?

Looks like Warner Brothers is serious about moving forward with a Green Lantern movie, and they are currently trying to nail down casting in time to start production next spring. So let the rumours begin! In the past we heard that Common was going to play the Emerald Crusader in the Justice League movie, but it seems like now they may be going with the Hal Jordan character for the standalone flick (not sure how that makes any sense because they were supposedly planning to use the standalone movie as a springboard for JLA, but I digress). Latino Review reports that Ryan Gosling is the man that they currently have in their sights for the role. Yep… another Oscar-nominated actor sucked into the void of comic book movies.

I’m not sure how much sense this makes, but Gosling was rumoured for a couple of other big projects recently including Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series and Peter Jackson’s Lovely Bones (in the latter, he was eventually replaced by Mark Wahlberg). It seems like he’s sniffing around for some high profile roles since he kind of took 2008 off and has been sticking to the indie circuit lately. He will appear next All Good Things, a mystery thriller directed by Andrew Jarecki (Capturing the Friedmans). What do you think about Gosling in green?

  • I started writing a JLA treatment (just for fun; I’m not dumb) some time after the last attempt got scrapped and I decided on Gosling….as The Flash! I don’t get how they could think he is right for Green Lantern unless they were doing Guy Gardner or something.

    My treatment will own whatever they do. I wrote it as if it were the reboot they want and its split into two movies like Kill Bill. Ok, back to the topic at hand: Ryan Gosling is The Flash!

  • swarez

    There will never be a Green Lantern movie.

  • Gosling? Nah.

  • makesense

    cmon we all know the lantern was a blackman and there are many who can play him well!!! just get it done make a great movie and let a black man shine!!what the fuck ben aflec, and matt damon as captain america and his sidekick have fun make the shit and get it down out!!

  • InvisibleDan

    Makesense, you realise that the ‘blackman green lantern’ was actually THE THIRD Green Lantern, GL#3 (John Stewart) was created in the ’70’s , he was a blackman with a chip on his shoulder, AND HE WAS THIRD! HAL JORDAN IS THE ICONIC REPRESENTATION OF THE GREEN LANTERN CHARACTER! look it up, G!
    PEACE OUT!……………..FLAVA FLAV!!!!!!!!!!!