Film Junk Podcast Episode #188: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

0:00 – Intro / Greg’s Final HMV Story
6:30 – In-house Stuff: Giveaways and Thingfest
9:35 – Headlines: Blindness Protest, Unbreakable 2, Star Trek Influenced by Star Wars, Wipeout Lawsuit
23:10 – What We Watched: The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect: Curt Hennig, Heroes, The Foot Fist Way, Crimewave
32:40 – Junk Mail: Last Action Hero, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Best Era of Wrestling, Tom Cruise
53:30 – Review: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
1:00:50 – Trailer Trash: Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Dragonball, What Just Happened
1:12:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:13:40 – Outro

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  • 1) Noooo! No more HMV stories??!? :-( Good luck Greg.
    2) The Wahlberg sketch was awesome, and you can see it on along with some other awesome stuff they´ve done. Check MacGruber if you haven´t seen the awesome parody on MacGyver. Brilliant stuff!
    3) Now, onto the rest of the podcast


  • swarez
  • swarez

    Crimewave is available on DVD in the UK.

    I love that flick. It’s a film I saw for the first time when it was shown on TV over here years ago. I taped it and watched it over and over again. I was however lost for words when I first watched it because it’s so different from The Evil Dead but the more I thought about it the more I started to like it. Bruce Campbell is awesome in his role, I don’t like the lead actor though.
    It’s the Stooges all the way with fantastic camera work and over the top action. I can however totally see why it bombed when it came out.
    Check out the UK DVD, it’s a good little disc.

  • swarez

    Regarding What Just Happened.
    Bruce Willis is actually playing Alec Baldwin in the movie. I’m definitely going to hunt down the book.

  • Delirious

    I think Jay needs to be nagged into properly fulfilling his FilmJunk role.

    You three are perfect together.

    Don’t go changin’

  • One of the great things about the HMV stories was that Greg seemed to love that job so much…I’m surprised. Well, good luck Greg hopefully the next workplace you find has some great stories just waiting to happen.

    I agree with Sean on Schwarzenegger. Any movie is worthwhile just because he’s in it!

    Also looking forward to the Crimewave write-up…never liked how Raimi always raves about the Three Stooges and crammed some of that into Army of Darkness.

  • I rented Crimewave from Netflix, a few months ago, and the weird thing about it was that it had Asian text all over the disc art. As for the movie itself, I thought that it was crap. The quality of the film was just horrible. Sound and video. The most entertaining part of the movie was the car chase which was actually sort of fun. I’d be interested to see what this film could look and play like if it were remade by the same people today. Just something to think about.