Happy Madison’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop Trailer Starring Kevin James

After co-starring with Adam Sandler in 2007’s I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Kevin James is moving up in the world: he’s now headlining his own film! The bad news is that it doesn’t look particularly funny. In Paul Blart: Mall Cop, James plays an out of shape wanna-be police officer who is stuck working as a security guard at the local mall. But when a team of crooks barricade themselves inside the mall, Paul Blart finds himself trapped in there with them: a Die Hard-esque situation if I’ve ever seen it. Yep, he’s even crawling around in ventilation shafts, but it’s pretty clear that the majority of the jokes are of the slapstick variety.

The viral video that was released for this movie earlier in the year looked pretty lame too, and although I don’t think this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, I have a feeling it will quickly be forgotten like recent Happy Madison production Strange Wilderness. Then again, I never would have thought The House Bunny would do as well as it did, so who knows. Paul Blart: Mall Cop hits theatres on January 16th.

  • Kevin James is so good, he deserves good work. Hey, maybe this will turn out ok after all.

  • Dan from New Jersey


  • I can’t stand Kevin James, but I love the similarities to Die Hard in the trailer. If only someone funny were playing the lead…

    This is the kind of film that would have been perfect for Chris Farley if he were still around.

    I hope Reginald Vel Johnson makes a cameo appearance.

  • Can you imagine how awesome this movie would be if it were closer in tone to pineapple express?

  • Shanna

    Being a security guard in a mall myself, i cant wait to see this. Security guards unite!

  • Goon

    saw this trailer on TV today.

    I wil dare say that Kevin James actually looks kind of funny in this, and I don’t mean ‘huh huh fat guy fall down go boom’ – i mean his mannderism and way of talking are amusing and sort of endearing. It’s the first time he’s seemed funny to me in anything.

    That said, I don’t expect this will be anything very good at all. But it does give me hope that maybe Kevin James can do something good in the future. If this is a step towards that, then okay.

  • Dr. Mantis

    Man, this movie looks painfully unfunny. Judging the trailers, if you think is funny you are probably a retard.

  • Rob Criminger

    I dont think ya’ll give credit where its due…Kevin James has an awesome stand up routine that prompted his tv special…which i’ll give you, wasn’t that funny, kinda like “Everbody Loves Raymond”. However he was hilarious in the movie “Hitch” and entertaining in the movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”. I cant wait to see this film. And hasn’t anybody noticed it’s a “Happy Madison” film?? If Adam Sandler thought it was funny, I will too.
    -Rob Criminger

  • Cathy

    Saw it.. Loved it. Packed theatre and everyone laughing.

  • Cam with a K

    was this movie for real?I am a big fan of Adam Sandler and fond of Kevin James;Don’t get me wrong I am all about slap happy funny movies such as Big Daddy, Billy Madison, The Water boy, Grandma’s Boy and so. These were extremely funny films but really? What mall in the world cranks in 30 million on black friday? All the doors are censored accept the one door the kid gets in to? Then KEvin James escapes the mall (that also has a bomb censor) that doesn’t go off and the police still does not enter? And wait, what about the criminals that are ninja’s who can’t shoot at a single moving man whom by the way is running on foot and their on bikes ans skate boards movie is absolutely horrible, the punch lines are stupid and the dvd should be taken off every shelf and the film burned. It made no sense non what so ever. I am pissed that I wasted a FREE blockbuster rental on bullshit and I’m pretty sure the end result from watching this piece of shit will be night terrors.