Film Junk Podcast Episode #187: Choke and Junk Mail

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
10:32 – Headlines: R.I.P. Paul Newman, Pirates 4 and The Lone Ranger, Russell Crowe in Nottingham
21:48 – What We Watched: Choke, BASEketball, Sons of Anarchy, Aftermath: The World After Humans, Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?, Dollman, The Emmys, True Blood
44:10 – Junk Mail: Favourite Horror Movies, Laserdiscs, Regretted DVD Purchases, The Staircase, The Fincher Curse, James Cameron, Walter Hill, DeNiro vs Scorsese, French Horror
1:30:00 – Trailer Trash: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, W., The Spirit
1:37:15 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:38:48 – Outro

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  • Ian

    Dollman … nice. Whenever I see that actor in anything else like Iron Eagle I just refer to him as Dollman.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Thanks for answering my question guys.

    Jay you should watch The Long Riders ASAP. Especially if you’re a fan of Deadwood. Among other things you’ll get to see a psycho Randy Quaid and a hooker Pamela Reed (the lady who played Arnie’s flu-ridden partner in Kindergarten Cop).

    Also, Hill directed Geronimo (1993) and in the process discovered two acting giants who would dominate “sub-par yet serviceable” film acting over the next decade: Wes Studi and Matt Damon.

    Streets of Fire IS awesome. I love how no one gets scratched, hurt or killed during the movie even though its one continuous gang fight. The film has a bizarre production design that borrows things from either 50’s and 80’s kitsch and that should sit alongside Blade Runner insofar as risk taking within profession, at least from in a studio sense.

    Michael Pare is cool and Diane Lane couldn’t be hotter. I can’t wait to see her in “The Fabulous Stains” which just came to DVD. Apparently she plays yet another New Wave singer singer. As far as Pare goes, I heard Michael Biehn killed him.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    WHAT THE FUCK is with the Cars shit-talking.

  • What can I say… you’ll have to take your Basketball, Cars and Kevin Costner movies and hole up somewhere far away from the rest of civilization.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    “She probably shit herself too” … awesome line Jay … I completely agree with everything you have to say about Morgan Spurlock’s wife … awesome … YOU … would love Baseketball.

  • swarez

    I caught Streets of Fire in Austin with a packed house who were going nuts over the film. Michael Pare and the chick who played his sister were there plus B-movie king Albert Pyun who is making an unofficial “sequel” to it, featuring Pare as the same character.

    BASEketball is a true classic.
    Steeeve Perry!

  • Matt

    Jay stumbling of the url of his own blog is classic. The blog itself is actually pretty interesting.
    Where The Shining at? Did you guys not like it? It’s definitelly my favorite horror movie. Although it wasn’t that scary and I’m not a horror fan, but that movie had great visuals, good pacing, and terrific direction.
    “She probably shit herself, too.” Quote of the day. I tried watching that movie, but literally couldn’t. It was a huge let-down, because I liked Super Size Me. A movie that actually may have had an impact on the food industry, government regulations, and how people live their lives.
    I agrey with dirtyfrank, Cars was not that bad. It may have been cheesey in parts as it was trying to appeal to the kids in the audience especially with the literally-retarded redneck best fried car ‘Mater. But it also had good message about enjoying life and appreciate what you’re given, instead of trying to reach the proverbial finish line as soon as possible.
    Thanks for answering my Deniro/Scorsese question. Yea, I would pick Scorsese over DeNiro as well. Just because Scorsese is still making great stuff, and DeNiro is not.
    Reed is hillarious. I was disappointed that he wasn’t there today. His irreverant comments would have been right at home inthis episode. Oh well. Thanks for the American Gangster podcast heads-up, where Reed was a guest commentator. Good stuff.
    Good episode all around, guys.

  • Goon

    Greg, I saw the Duffy performance you mentioned.

    I think the album is actually pretty good, but that performance SUUUUUUCKED. she overgussied herself like Tammy Fay Baker, her voice sounds more like a squeak live than the more soulful album performance, and she has no charisma as a performer whatsoever.

  • Hey Matt, Reed was also on the 3:10 to Yuma episode, where it was just him and Jay I believe. You can thank me later!

  • Sean sounds uncannily like Evan (?) from the PCGamer podcasts. They even have the same mannerisms.

  • ““She probably shit herself, too.” – Jay Cheel


    I’ve never heard you guys sound more…relaxed. Very fun episode.

    I always seem to pose my questions in weird awkward ways but I’m glad no one thought T2 was anything short of classic. I agree w/ Jay…wishing Cameron would just give up on 3-D and that it is only fun in theme park featurettes.

    I’m just wishing: A. Cameron doesn’t fuck up Battle Angel Alita (one of my favorite series in graphic lit….highly suggested even if the idea of manga turns you off [its not your typical bullshit]) B. All these new 3-D films have special edits for home viewing so that you don’t get sick of shit being hurled at you and knowing that it’d be way better with glasses…

    Ha! Great burping outro btw.

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  • Did you post a few of these things on another blog? That one post looked very familiar. Maybe I saw something about it on the news?