Frank Miller’s The Spirit Trailer #3

Lionsgate has released the final trailer for Frank Miller’s upcoming big screen adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit, and if this is indeed their last shot to convince us to see the movie, well, they’ve got a lot of ground to make up! The previous trailer combined with the footage that was shown at Comic Con had a lot of people thinking this project was headed for disaster. Fortunately, the new footage succeeds in redeeming the movie somewhat, even if it does still leave plenty of potential for problems.

The look of the film alternates somewhere between Sin City and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, meanwhile the tone is almost akin to Dick Tracy (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). It certainly looks like it was shot in front of a green screen because the environments seem very empty. As for the dialogue… I don’t know, 90 minutes of this stuff could be painful. At the very least I am now veru curious to see the movie, regardless of what the outcome will be. What did you think of the trailer? The Spirit hits theatres on December 25th.

  • twilightfox


  • swarez

    This is going to bomb. Mark my words.

  • Pardon my fronswah, but this looks lamer than shit. Like Ghost Rider lame. Only no hilarious Nick Cage performance.

    “I’ve got eight of everything!” Lame.

  • To paraphrase Jay…”it’s shit!”

  • Dan

    Geez – I’m surprised they’re not releasing this shit in February, also known as terrible comic book movie month (Daredevil & Ghost Rider) Do they really think this can compete with Benjamin Button? Looks awwwwwwwwful.

  • Come on that looked way better than Ghost Rider! I’m still on the fence (it could end up being relentlessly corny to the point of feeling like its not self aware but you’d almost have to make a Spirit adaptation kinda corny for it to work…the lines were over the top noir corny which bothered me like Sin City.) This wil probably either be great or gross.

    The backgrounds didn’t look as empty and horrible as Sin City but The Spirit’s mask and Gabriel Macht looked goofy.

    That guy hitting the powerlines was pretty awesome.

    Watched the HD trailer. I’ve been keeping tabs on HD cinematography and I like how the Panavision Genesis has half the softness of film and half the plasticness of HD.

  • Ian

    I don’t really like the green screen movie but this one does look much more fun than Sin City and 300.

  • Yeah, it does look technically better as far as the cinematography and whatnot, but I actually had fun watching Ghost Rider even though it was shit. The green screen stuff just doesn’t impress me. I liked Sin City OK but wasn’t taken with the look of it. But I thought 300 was bad. This looks like it will be unbearable to watch for me personally.

  • theman

    This trailer looks better than the first one and second one. But still not interested though.

  • I’m down.

  • Alex R. Cronk-Young

    This is a million times better then the last trailer. Still not sure about how good its going to be but this trailer helps.