Colore Non Vedenti – Official Production Blog Now Live

Colore Non Vedenti Production Blog

Friends. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve set up a separate production blog to keep all of you Film Junkies up to date on the filming of our short horror/thriller/comedy, Colore Non Vedenti. We hope to document as much stuff as we can along the way, including some behind the scenes video diaries and pictures, stills and footage from the film, and written posts about certain challenges faced during production. Maybe even a podcast or two! Anyways, just follow the link below and check back now and again for updates. Oh, and we’ll probably do a weekly update here on Film Junk as well. Enjoy!

Link: Colore Non Vedenti – Official Production Blog

  • Regarding the Blue Ghost Tunnel video:

    I have a good flood light that could have helped.

    At 3:31 when Jay is first filming the entrance, you see an object, not unlike a head in the middle of the gate. You’ll see it if you play it through a few times.


  • I’ll follow.