Oliver Stone’s W. Trailer #2

A new trailer for Oliver Stone’s W. has hit the web this week, and although it’s somewhat short, it most definitely leaves you wanting more. We get a pretty good look at the cast and each of their takes on the political figures they are portraying. It certainly doesn’t hold back on the comedy, and casting Josh Brolin as George W. Bush is looking like a brilliant move at this point. If that wasn’t enough, the whole thing is set to The Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime”. Simply put, I am dying to see this movie! W. hits select theatres on October 17th… hopefully it will expand fairly quickly from there. Check out the new trailer below, or watch it in high-def over at Yahoo!.

  • This looks fucking awesome. I love the direction they’ve taken this in.

  • Matt

    Yea, it does. I like the last shot of Brolin yelling at his cabinet.

  • Bob the Slob

    oliver stone is a lunatic, and this looks insane….i couldnt love it more.

  • YES! This is definitely my most anticipated movie of the rest of the year. I’m really wondering if W. will be a runaway success. Given Bush’s approval ratings, it’s safe to say that people on both sides of the aisle can feel comfortable to come together and laugh at the dude (if the movie turns out to be as funny as these trailers).

    I saw a different trailer for this movie when I saw Burn After Reading and people were cracking up all over. One dude even yelled “Hell, yeah, I gotta see that!”

  • Wow wow wow!! Atlast a good movie from Stone? Back in form? Seems like it.

    btw, LOVE the first line Brolin has in the trailer :D

  • I hope the laughs lasts during the entire film (or at least the film will hopefully be a dramedy).

    Brolin is looking/sounding fantastic as Bush! Love how they show a President taking a shit. This very well may be the runaway success of the fall.

  • i actually don’t mind the actual man, and thought i might be somewhat offended but this looks amazing, i could give two shits if it bashes on bush anymore.

  • Nuno

    There aren’t many of Stone’s movies that go over well with me, but I can’t wait to see this. Looks awesome.

  • Talim28

    Very impressed with the recent teaser trailer, and this new full-length one too! Oliver Stones has made some of the best political film in the last 25 years, and I can’t wait to see how he handles the material about the Bush Clan….bravo!

  • Ian

    Ha I love it: “based on a true story” looks like a fun movie. Certainly nothing to be taken seriously though which might be bad for both political parties … which I guess I kind of like.

  • Nikko

    Jesus… Couldn’t they have at least waited until after this coming election? Cashing in… always cashing in.

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  • Josh Brolin did a convincing Dubya, though he reminded me a lot of his cowboy character from No Country for Old Men… over all, i don’t doubt that ‘W.’ will have the effect Oliver Stone desired

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