Film Junk Podcast Episode #186: Burn After Reading

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
5:50 – Headlines: Arnold’s T4 Face Cameo, Stephen Chow to Direct The Green Hornet, Diablo Cody’s MySpace Rant
22:22 – What We Watched: Child’s Play, Young @ Heart, Meet Ricky Gervais
25:45 – Junk Mail: Choke, Spike Lee, Jay Offends Jewish People, Sam Mendes, U.S. Presidential Race
40:30 – Review: Burn After Reading
50:55 – Trailer Trash: The Soloist, Changeling, Fast and Furious
59:30 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:01:15 – Outro

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  • the new logo is awesome, who drew it?

  • Our friend Nuno…

  • Rick

    I came to say same thing. it’s very nice indeed.

  • Great show– a couple things…

    The new logo is awesome.

    I’m glad that you guys don’t get political on the show. I listen to you guys as a break from all the political talk I hear every day. (Though it should be noted, Sean, that not all of our generation is for Obama.)

    Jay– The word “Jew” is not offensive, and it’s ridiculous for someone to say it is. Splinter did sound like a Jew… deal with it.

    And the deluxe podcast is great, Sean. Keep up all the good work guys.

  • Please release the enhanced feed, I love enhanced podcasts and they really make it easier for the listener to enjoy the podcast more.

    Keep up the good work

  • Yep, that’s a nice new logo thingy.

    I agree with that Junk Mail about Spike Lee’s bitching being sickening but I also agree with Jay that The Inside Man was awesome and Miracle at St. Anna looks like it wont just lament the horror of racism (at least not directly). Hopefully Spike never goes back to crying.

  • This movie was awesome. Jay’s opinion is correct.

    Also, Sean–As a fellow balding man, I can’t believe you let Greg get away with such blatant bald man hate! Vin Diesel and Jason Statham are similar actors because of their “voice”? I see through his hairist discrimination! I bet Greg thinks that Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis and Sean Connery “all look the same.” HAIRIST!!!

  • I can’t really defend Diesel or Statham, but when they start talking shit about Stewart, Connery or — god forbid — John Malkovich, then we’ve got problems!

  • Yeah, the only reason I can tepidly endorse Statham and Diesel’s careers is that they’re standing up for openly bald dudes in Hollywood.

  • swarez

    It it’s true that they are planting the face of Arnold on that other guy cause that guy played Arnold in a TV bio pic. He’s a muscle head and German so he has the look and the accent already. And I think that a Arnold free Terminator would be fine since that model of Terminators hadn’t been introduced yet.

  • Goon

    “Though it should be noted, Sean, that not all of our generation is for Obama.”

  • Oh my lord, can you say “pork”? As in ham, as in George and Brad in this damn movie. I love the Coens, let me say that. I don’t mind their excesses. I actually love their sense of humor, but this time, I think they suffered from allowing superstars to pander for laughs. Watching Brad Pitt do his “white man dance” complete with fists punching the air and rhythm-challenged induced grimace was like watching my nephew begging for attention on a family home movie.

    I did like the CIA director, and John Malkovich was amusing, but people, please explain why this movie would be considered great?