‘Colore non Vedenti’ – Video Diary #1

Colore non Vedenti

Some of you may remember us talking about a short horror film we’re shooting on the Film Junk podcast. Well it’s now underway, and it’s looking to be a much bigger undertaking than we’d expected. The film is called ‘Colore non Vedenti’, and it’s a ‘body snatchers’ type thriller/comedy in the vein of such films as The Stuff, Invaders From Mars and more recently, Slither.

The script is over 30 pages, we’ve got some great actors working in the film (we’ll introduce them on a later diary) and things are going quite good. Ultimately, I made the decision that this isn’t just a Film Junk video. We’re putting a lot of time and energy into this thing and I think it will deserve a little bit more exposure than a week on the front page of Film Junk. Anyways, I’m not entirely sure what the ultimate goal is, but hopefully we’ll have a great end product that you’ll get to check out by the end of the year.

So to start things off, I thought I’d post some video that I shot when me and Roman (producer) went to do a lighting test at the locally infamous ‘Blue Ghost Tunnel’. It’s a pretty creepy place and is a bit out of the way. The main issue here is a lack of power supply. Ultimately, the logistics just didn’t seem to work and the sequence was pretty weak overall, so I cut it. But it’s all a part of the process! Check it out below:

  • I love the giallo feel you went for in The Running Tunnel and this is more of the same (great) stuff. Title: Color Blind?

    That looked like an awesome location; too bad it wont be used. You could bring a gas powered generator there (I’ve got one) but its heavy as shit and if the journey is as treacherous as it seems (and you’ve got no money) then I’d have scratched it too.

    A 30 page script! Wow, very ambitious. Looking forward to it. Don’t get stabbed.

  • Great to have news on this project and I’m thrilled to see it expanded out of what was supposed to be a short.

    That tunnel looks quite creepy indeed and it would’ve been awesome to be able to shoot a scene there. Any way to work around this? Go to Canadian Tire and scam them out of “borrowing” a few MasterCraft power blocks, haven’t you mastered scamming General Stores Jay?

    Either way, good luck for the project and keep those diaries coming!

  • cronenfly

    that looks like a lovely place! surprised you didn’t see tim curry feeding off of the derelict child, whom at one point, was wearing a pair of red rubber rain boots. you could bring in a bunch of hand made torches, fix them to the wall. then shoot a weird ritualistic murder scene involving cannibalistic bums, inbred legless car accident victims(fastened to rusty tetanus ridden carts), and a group of oblivious “normal” people. sorry for rambling…cant wait to see your film

  • Goon

    does the title mean “color blind”?

  • Ian

    Oh man that location is great you’ve gotta use it. Maybe get a few gennys and ADR the sound just go all Italian Neo-Real on the scenes. Also, I followed the link to your short about the falls and I have to say that is a great short form documentary. Keep on keepin’ on Jay.

  • Colour blind it is. I’ll try and get a synopsis up soon enough.

    As for the tunnel…the lighting is just one issue. I actually felt that the climax was a little weak, which is the main reason for changing locations. I will be thinking about it for the future though. It’s much creepier in person than it ever could be on film!

    As for the giallo feel…the script itself is more of a play on the Invasion of the Body Snatcher style films, and sort of has an 80’s horror/adventure feel. A little more character driven…taking place over one horrible night. Think The Blob remake and The Stuff meets After Hours and Adventures in Babysitting. Only no Thor mechanics and no babysitting. And no kids. Actually, scratch Adventures in Babysitting.

    Stay tuned for future videos, including one where we attempt the old school Douglas Trumbull cloud tank effect! (which was used for the opening title card at the top of this post) Think Close Encounters and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • Ian

    Old school (D. Trum) visual effects and offbeat 80’s adventure, horror comedy, this sounds like it’ll be a good one. Are you guys made up an investment prospectus to get funds to shoot the feature?

  • Not really. At this point I’m looking for someone to give me 30 grand for a Red camera set up. Any takers?

  • Very cool to see experimentation and process as your film takes shape – I’ll be looking out for next developments!

  • Ian

    Ha! I’m still on the fence about all the new tech. You think the Red is the way to go? Once you’ve got the lenses and the whole package how much does it come out to being? And is it the sort of thing where you can just upload the footage to a reaonable Mac or something and edit with FCP?

  • I’m not sure about the workflow when it comes to editing. It’s probably a little more complex than what I’m working with now. I’m sure the package would end up costing between 30 and 40 grand after everything. The good news is you can resell it. Ten years ago, that money would go towards film stock, which as you know, you can NOT resell. :P

    I’m not a huge tech person, but I just like the idea of putting time into a production that’s shot on a format that might be a little more malleable when it comes to selling or projecting or post or whatever might come of it. To shoot a feature on the HVX seems to guarantee the fact that it will never go anywhere. (Not that I think the chances are THAT much better with the Red. Selling a film is insanely hard to begin with.)

    Anyways, not really sure where I’m going to go with the feature at this point. We’ll see. For now, I’m going to focus on this short and make it the best I can!

  • Ian

    Yeah I just helped my buddy shoot a mockumentary
    feature on the HVX and I’m wondering the same thing about selling it since that’ll be the only way I’ll see any money out of my efforts into making it.

    I might be an idiot but I think with a 35 mm adapter and some good lenses, some decent lighting and set design and a DP that knows what they are doing you can get something pretty good looking with a prosumer camera like the HVX. I still think it comes down to story. And certainly the sort of footage I’ve seen from you and my buddy on that camera makes me a true believer! You give the right people the tools and they’ll get the most out of them.

  • “To shoot a feature on the HVX seems to guarantee the fact that it will never go anywhere. (Not that I think the chances are THAT much better with the Red. Selling a film is insanely hard to begin with.)”

    Unless one is shooting a documentary or Blair Witch/Cloverfield-style feature (is there an actual term for that?) I’d agree that it would probably be impossible to sell the thing off an HVX.

    So you’re saying your 30pg script could actually end up being of feature length?

    I watched the HD trailer for Knowing off of apple.com/trailers (I think you know it was shot in RED). While some sequences in low light yielded a nasty amount of grain the rest looked to be of a sellable quality (except for the fact that it looked a bit flat but I think that has a lot more to do with the cinematography).

  • Alex R. Cronk-Young

    Did you put new batteries in those flashlights? They say ghosts drain batteries. OOOOOOOoooooooooOooooooooOoOOOOOOO Spooky.

  • I was waiting for the video diary to suddenly have a Blair Witch style ending and in fact become a surprise mini film in itself. The unplanned narrative of you two creeping around in the dark had a bit of suspense that I wasn’t expecting. Despite the fact that it was just you guys putzing around in a tunnel, I was waiting for something horrifying to happen. Aside from the wails (whales) and knocking that is. Maybe someday it’ll go on the DVD special features…