Film Junk Podcast Episode #185: Religulous, The Wrestler and TIFF Wrap-Up

0:00 – Intro
1:42 – HMV Radio Spots
3:35 – Jay’s Weird Dream
6:30 – General Impressions of TIFF
24:15 – What We Watched: Zack and Miri Make a Porno, RocknRolla, It Might Get Loud, More Than a Game, Me and Orson Welles, Adoration, The Brothers Bloom, Gigantic
42:30 – Junk Mail: Greg’s Finland Jersey, Reed Farrington, Great Firewall of China, W., Audio Equipment Setup, Rick Moranis
57:50 – TIFF Review: Religulous
1:16:25 – TIFF Review: Synecdoche, New York
1:26:45 – TIFF Review: The Dungeon Masters
1:42:05 – TIFF Review: The Wrestler
2:02:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:06:00 – Outro

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  • swarez

    I loved the HMV bit, everybody trying to be jolly and happy, “What did YOU think Jay?”
    I could hear the fake smiles on your faces.

    No no, I kid, Good show boys.
    I’d go down on you.

  • Jay,

    There’s a couple things you need to take a look at here:

    From “To see otters diving and sporting in limpid streams is certain to bring the dreamer waking happiness and good fortune. You will find ideal enjoyment in an early marriage, if you are single; wives may expect unusual tenderness from their spouses after this dream.”

    From’s “dream dictionary”: “To see otters in your dream, symbolizes happiness and good fortune. You will find ideal enjoyment or unusual tenderness with your loved one.”

  • Sounds promising. Hopefully the fact that my otter turned into gelatinous skeletal remains doesn’t affect my happiness and good fortune.

  • I can’t imagine the gelatinous skeletal remains would be a good sign …

  • I had no idea people were called Henrik in Finland. The only finnish guy I’ve ever spoken to was called Simo.

  • Primal

    Another Henrik, crazy. That’s why I go by my gaming handle instead of my name. Look at how many Matts, Ryans, Johns, etc. there are on this site. No matter how much they post, it’s harder to recognize their voice on the site. Just hope Henrik2 doesn’t start posting on the site.

  • Hey, what was there in Junk Mail about me? Can someone summarize? Or do I actually have to listen to the Film Junk podcast to find out what listeners think of me?

  • I am not looking forward to actually getting to see the documentary “The Dungeon Masters”– seems that the people did exactly what I feared that they were going to do.

    Oh well. I’ll actually get to see it (supposedly) this week, and I really hope I don’t come off as delusional as it has been seeming from the reviews. (No, I don’t live in dark elf makeup, and I’m actually very good at being sociable. :P)

  • Only scratching the surface of the podcast but I thought it should be noted that Patton Oswalt IS a giant role-playing nerd. He prides himself on it.

  • Liz

    What I found funny about my own reaction to The Dungeon Masters was that all the D&D/RPG/LARPing stuff was just not even on my radar when it came to how judgemental I was feeling about the two of the three main protagonists. There was just so much else going on there that warranted extreme scrutiny that the D&D stuff seemed normalized.

    I didn’t notice it so much with the girl, and I think a large part of this is because she was so young and at a completely different stage in her life than the two men, but the two men were not remotely depicted in a flattering light and any revulsion I felt towards them was completely independent of their gaming.

    You guys mentioned the one guy who pretty much belittled his obviously long-suffering wife the entire time, which just boggled my mind, but the story that really got me was the one from the second guy who married a woman who had kids from a previous relationship, helped raise those kids for fifteen years, randomly abandoned them without warning, and THEN tried to come back and reforge a relationship with his estranged stepson who was obviously very uncomfortable with that particular photo op.

    Stereotypical views on D&Ders might run something along the lines of “What is WRONG with these people?” but for me the question of what was wrong with them had nothing to do with D&D and everything to do with their priorities in life and the way they treat the people around them.

  • swarez

    You know who is also a big Roleplayer? Vin Diesel.

  • Goon

    re: last weeks show.

    I saw Ricky Gervais on the Hour last night – he said the Ghost Town script was the best thing he’d read in 5 years and that is still very picky. He went after the things like Jay said about him not believing in ghosts and the supernatural but being in a movie with those themes. he said Stephen Merchant is very harsh on the bad decisions he makes but even he liked Ghost Town. Ricky insists it isnt schmaltz and doesn’t pander. everything he was saying was painting a different picture than Jay has made of it.

    I’m not saying Ghost Town is good, havent seen it, probably wont either. Right now on RottenTomatoes (with only 6 reviews) its at 100%.

    So I think I need more info though about what kind of bad this movie is. Is it something you can recognize a lot of people you enjoy, but simply personally find shit, or is everyone fucking crazy and stupid for praising it?

  • It’s very safe, too high concept, and pretty dull. It has one or two genuinely ‘touching’ moments, and probably just as many laughs. Any humour to come from this is found in Gervais’ performance…although he really holds back in this one. It’s pretty tough to equate any of the humour in Ghost Town with anything he’s done previously.

    The film is a pure romantic comedy in every sense of the word and does nothing to elevate itself beyond this categorization. (Beyond maybe the casting of Gervais) His character is a jerk, but not enough of a jerk. Again, safe. It’s something that would play well in front of a Jay Leno audience. (If you know what I mean)

  • Goon

    This is the interview. He’s pretty adamant this wasn’t a paycheck/”expanding your audience” movie either. He compared it to something you’d see from Jimmy Stewart.

    I will say that when I first saw the trailer that it felt like something from a different era, and if it was good at all it would only be good in the way I like the sappy ending of “Scrooged”, or “good” in the way that adults probably think the Bucket List is a good film.

  • Pleasant suprise to hear my e-mail get read on the show. :)
    And to Greg, Saku rocks! Hopefully you get to see their games from the 1994 olympics somehow. They only lost one period in there and it was against Canada. Sadly, that forced them into the bronze match.

    Yeah well, keep up the awesome work guys!

    Love you all, ColinZeal (A Finn from Sweden)