Spaceballs Animated Series Finally Premieres on G4 This Month

It’s been almost 3 years now since it was first announced that a Spaceballs animated series was in development from Mel Brooks and original Spaceballs co-writer Thomas Meehan. In fact, it had been so long since we heard any mention of it that I was convinced that the project was in trouble and on the verge of being abandoned altogether. Fortunately, we’ve received word this week that the show is finally ready to be unveiled to the world, and G4 has officially set a premiere date of Sunday, September 21st. The proceedings will kick off at 3 pm EST with an airing of the original movie, followed by four back-to-back episodes of the animated series starting at 5 pm EST.

I think Spaceballs has already been airing on the Super Channel in Canada and a few episodes have found their way to the internet (including the one embedded below). From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t play nearly as well as I was hoping it would. If anything, the Family Guy and Robot Chicken tributes to Star Wars do a much better job of parodying the movies, and the humour just feels really dated. It’s not nearly as edgy and hip as I’m sure G4 was hoping it would be. Ah well. It looks like it will probably join that 8-bit cartoon Code Monkeys and the game show Hurl! as another bit of lacklustre original programming in G4’s futile quest to become the new Spike TV. So be it.

  • I hate the Family Guy and Robot Chicken Star Wars parodies. They’re lazy and totally played out. This doesn’t look good either, but it serves to remind us that Star Wars jokes were already passé when the original Spaceballs came out in the ’80s.

  • swarez

    This looks pretty bad. The writing is weak and worst of all the animation and the look of the thing looks cheap as hell.

  • theDia

    Okay, the animation is bad, the story uninteresting, the character design like it was made by a pre-schooler and the voice-acting sounds like a bad prono. All this I can stand.

    But there´s not a single working joke in the whole effing episode and even at a lenght of not just 10 minutes it drags like the extended cut of “Dances with wolves”. I think Mel Brooks should finally retire.

  • I didn’t laugh once.

  • I’m surprised how bad the animation is for being a project that’s taken 3 years to get off the ground. It looks like a flash animation that would have gone viral or something.