Film Junk Podcast Episode #184: Ghost Town and Slumdog Millionaire

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
3:45 – Cantankerous / Reed Farrington’s Love Connection
6:54 – Headlines: Ghostbusters 3, Christian The Lion Movie, Will Smith as Captain America?
34:30 – What We Watched: My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Bug, The Gauntlet, JCVD, The Burning Plain
53:05 – Junk Mail: Actors We’d Like To See On Screen Together, Zeitgeist, Tropic Thunder Review Complaints, Sam Raimi Sucks?!
1:22:45 – TIFF Review: Ghost Town
1:35:20 – TIFF Review: Slumdog Millionaire
1:49:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:51:50 – Outro

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  • Reed Farrington

    Sean, I can’t believe you left the “Reed Farrington’s Love Connection” conversation in the podcast. I know there are regular Film Junk podcast listeners who hated my antics on my previous guest appearances. I can only imagine that they will be bored to death during that brief segment. I deliberately clammed up so as not to prolong the agony of the listeners.

    I tried not to be so goofy in this podcast. (Don’t know if I succeeded.)

    Anyway, everyone, Greg will be back next week. I was just the substitute this week. The artificial sweetener, you might say.

    BTW, Jay was late to the recording of this podcast. So when he arrived, I pulled a fast one on him by speaking some movie related gibberish into the mic and pretending Sean and I had started recording the podcast without him. He was irate! Haha.

  • Yeah, this was totally a different role for Reed Farrington. I enjoyed when you told Jay he was an idiot, felt almost like Revenge of the nerds.

  • Matt

    Reed, or should I say Michael Winchester, was the highlight of this podcast. I don’t know who these listeners are who don’t like Reed, because I hear you guys talk about them but I don’t know what exactly they’re saying. Reed’s great, and that’s that. And if people can’t handle his realness, then they can just suck a couple of sweaty ones. I wouldn’t midn if he appeared on every podcast, replacing Jay, once Greg comes back. He’s the comic relief in your group. There’s no need to censor you, Reed. You should just be yourself, because that is what the peopole want. At least that’s what I want. I would also like to know if anything happens with that Rachel chick. May not have to do a whole lot with movies but at least it’s interesting. Certainly it could be a point of discussion on the next Cantankarous, which was promissed but never delivered. I certainly hope that three minute section was not it.
    Sam Raimi does NOT suck. Who would listen to Blog commenters anyway? Fickle idiots.
    And Darkman was awesome, btw.
    As for Actors I’d Like To See On Screen Together: Chis Walken, Gary Busey, and Kris Kristoferson. It writes itself.

  • paulm

    Reed was great. Greg who?

  • Sounds like the ol’ mailbag really riled Jay up this week.

  • Greg

    “Greg who?” F-that.

  • Liney

    More Reed, and a new Cantankerous being posted soon…you guys are spoiling us! If no one has already, I’d like to option the rights for Reed’s screenplay about a love triangle between two men and a dog, although I’d like to know what he plans to call it…

    Also enjoying Greg’s posts from the festival…keep up the good work guys.

  • Liney

    …oh, something that I’m surprised you didn’t consider when discussing the whole Captain America/Will Smith connection (although perhaps it’s been mentioned elsewhere)…it sounded to me like some film exec had seen a chance to tap into the zeitgeist with Obama’s possible election. A good chance of the first black President of the U.S.A., with all the love being directed towards Obama right now, seems like a good climate to launch a black Captain America. It seems to me that could be the thinking.

    Personally I don’t know the character, but I agree it’s probably not a good idea for the reasons you mention. I like Will Smith, but I think each actor should only get one shot at the super hero thing and then move on…

  • Bas

    Reed did a good job! He was a bit more focussed than usual. But I want the opposite on Cantankerous – a confused Reed! Maybe Jay can catch him off-guard, maybe by waking him in the middle of the night or something.

    Any chance of getting Tom on the filmjunk podcast? The more the merrier!

  • swarez

    If Captain America is going to take place in WW2 then Will Smith would be wrong for the part because of the same reason most of us haven’t heard about the events that took place in Spike Lee’s new movie. But since the rumor has been proven wrong then it’s a none issue.
    A modern Cap is another matter especially with the way things are today.

    Any of you seen the 80’s Captain America movie?

  • Reed Farrington

    Swarez, I’ve seen the 80’s Captain America movie. I even remember the name of the actor who portrayed Captain America: Reb Brown. (Not that he’s worth remembering, but I used to memorize credits when I was younger.) I can’t remember much about the movie. It was made for television.

    Liney, my initial thought for a title was Spot/Dog with Spot and Dog being the separate names each of the guys have for the dog. When talking about Capt. America with Will Smith, we should have brought up Obama as you astutely pointed out.

    Lunch break is over!

  • So there is actually a new episode of cantankerous out there?!? And it’s that hard to edit! Come on did you record an hour and an half of barking sounds or something?

  • I’m with Drew, I don’t give a fuck about editing. I’ve got time to listen to hours of Reed Farrington. I mean at least feed us the chocolate till we puke – i.e leave comments that say “This needed some editing”.

  • Yes, there is a “lost” episode of Cantankerous out there. I’ve already disowned it. I think the three of us were each in our own zone. Things weren’t flowing. The idiocy was forced and unnatural.

    I did send Sean some scans of my neighbourhood cats. So hopefully, they will be added to the post. You can’t go wrong with cats. Everyone loves looking at cats. Sean said he forwarded the photos to Jay who has the episode of Cantankerous in his hands right now.

  • swarez

    Tarsem is a commercial director most of the time so that’s how he “survived”. I always find it funny how people think that directors starve and are just sitting around with their thumb up their asses between movies. Most of the big directors do commercials between feature films as do cinematographers.

  • Swarez, I think Jay was in the bathroom when Sean and I were discussing Tarsem. I discussed your comment with Jay and he’s in complete agreement with you, so if Jay had been around, he would have expressed your feelings.

    When I haven’t heard of a director in a while, I imagine him or her languishing in obscurity, directing unreleased movies or straight-to-DVD releases. Or dropping out of the business altogether to sell real estate or something like that.

    Does anyone have interesting stories of once “big” directors who are now doing strange jobs like cleaning toilets? (Or maybe once “big” directors even comb sites like Film Junk to see if anyone remembers them and so can give a first-hand response?)

  • Nah, Lee Tamahori has a sidejob as a transvestite prostitute. But I think he’s still working on major films.

  • Goon

    Slumdog – 3/4 from me

    I liked it overall, and quite frankly there were moments where it was a little dusty in the theater, but not the obvious times you may think you could pinpoint out. I liked the general style, the way it build tension and the acting… well, during the children’s/growing up scenes anyways, where it seemed that they were going to develop into a more epic character arc. I was really digging on Slumdog for a good time, and then they’re adults all of a sudden and aside from the scene atop the building, those adult scenes, including the reconciliation, are a whole lot of ’so what?’ that is neither bad nor great. These characters are definitely static. Salim’s death should be more tragic, the reconciliation should have been more emotional, and the kiss should have been more of a payoff, but at some point it became so Point A Point B Point C Applause, and yes, I will drag out the P word and say it panders and I even think the (first) ending may make Kurt groan.

    In other words, it is yet ANOTHER Danny Boyle movie where the third act doesnt live up to the first two, but in this case, its actually the final act being too conventional rather than the other way around.

    Mind you, I’m doing all this over what I enjoyed quite a bit overall. It’s not going to be in my top 10, and a lot of whats great about the movie can make up for its flaws to the point that I was able to walk out of the theater after a pretty shitty day feeling quite happy I watched it. It is definitely fun enough.

    I will dare coin a term for it though. With its specific style, influences, method of storytelling, static characters despite all these tales that should suggest more changes in them as people, and overt sentimentality Slumdog Millionaire is really…

    City of Gump