YouTube Hit Christian The Lion Movie Deal in the Works

Jay was telling me the other day about this amazing story of a lion cub that was bought by two Australians back in 1969. They named it Christian and cared for it for the next year or so until it got too big, and then they released it into the wild on a nature reserve. Eventually they returned to see how he was doing, despite being advised that he probably wouldn’t remember them. To their surprise, as soon as he recognized them, he bounded over to them and jumped up and gave them a big hug. (This was apparently discussed on the latest episode of Kevin Smith’s Smodcast.)

The reunion was captured on video and has recently become a massive hit on YouTube… so much so, that studios are now interested in turning Christian The Lion into a feature film! The footage comes from an already existing documentary about Christian, but according to MSNBC, Sony is in the process of acquiring the life story rights and rights to the book A Lion Called Christian written by his owners. Amazing. Hopefully the Star Wars Kid and Numa Guy will get their own movies soon too. But hey, if they can’t get the rights to Whitney Houston on the soundtrack for this, I’m not interested. (Check out the original viral video below.)

  • Hey, maybe now they’ll even make a movie of Jay’s YouTube sensation: The Unforgiven Video Podcast–Wisdom Tooth Surgery Edition.

  • Mike


  • This is INSANE, I literally was just listening to the smodcast where they discussed this, and i was worried i wasn’t going to be able to find the footage. talk about coincidence.

  • Oh My god, I fucking cried, that is the most uplifting video ever.

  • That is very cool. I’m totally gay for my cat, so this one really hit me in the old soft spot.

  • This is really sweet, but isn’t that video a commercial for something? It reads like it’s advertising FACEBOOK but I didn’t see a logo anywhere.

    Also the “introduced them to his wife” ruins it. Even fucking Walt Disney Pictures showed their hero lion sleeping in a room filled with female lions (even though I guess it was implied in the lion king that Mufasa was going steady with Simbas mom… Guess they were having their cake and eating it too), lions don’t get married. They fuck around with a plethora of women, whom they also make hunt for them! That’s one of the reasons cats > dogs.

    It is pretty amazing to see it hug them though. And they look so happy too. Their haircuts rule.

  • Star

    After I watched a feature on TV, I watched the full documentary/movie which lasted an hour and a half on the net. I wailed like a baby! I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything so touching in my life. I love lions and I fell in love with Christian. What a fantastic animal he was. I hope he had plenty of cubs to carry his line on. If you can watch it in full I would recommend it over and over again!