Ghostbusters 3 Official, Sony Hires The Office Writers to Pen Script

Today is a good day to be a Ghostbusters fan. Although I’m still not entirely sure what it all means, it appears that Sony has officially committed to developing a third feature film in the popular comedy series, with the intentions of reuniting the entire original cast (yes, including Bill Murray). It’s still in the early stages, but it seems like there is a good chance this may finally happen folks, so keep your fingers crossed.

According to Variety, Sony has hired The Office writers/executive producers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky to write the script for the new movie. Why they can’t just stick with the script that was already written by Dan Aykroyd remains to be seen, but the main reason for their involvement seems to be the fact that they also wrote Year One, an upcoming comedy directed by Harold Ramis. Year One is also being produced by Judd Apatow, which may explain where those Seth Rogen rumours came from a few months back.

Now, the biggest obstacle to this film will continue to be convincing the original cast to sign on. No deals will be made until the script is completed, and the last time they attempted to set up Ghostbusters 3, the actors asked for such a high percentage of the film’s gross that it was impossible for the studio to make any money from it. The Hollywood Reporter says that original director Ivan Reitman and the cast members are “aware of the project and involved in its development”, however, they are also calling it a “reboot” that will focus on a new group of Ghostbusters. I guess that makes a bit more sense, but I’m not sure I like the idea. It really could go either way, and it’s going to depend a lot on who these new guys are. What do you think, is a next generation Ghostbusters movie a good idea? Does this news excite you or disappoint you?

  • Bas

    Well, a bit of both I guess. Star Wars I, II & III, Die Hard 4 & Indy 4 all disappointed, so I’m not expecting much nowadays of such projects. A reboot could be nice if it had some real talent. I’d sure want to see a new team consisting of Steve Carell, Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly.

  • Bob the Slob

    OF COURSE IT WILL DISAPPOINT ME!!!! Ghostbusters exists in the 80’s…that is when they were great…they aren’t great now, shit will be screwed up if they make the movie now…right down to the fact that the film stock and the FX wont look the same. And fuck them…not written by Akroyd or Ramis, fuck the office. Man, I cant wait to hear a bunch of lame modernized humor coming out of Ghostbuster mouths “Hey Egon, remember when you tried to connect your brain to that cellphone” “that would have worked if Verizon gave me more minutes per month”…god dammit…shit on indy, shit on star wars, shit on robocop, shit on ghostbusters etc…

    It has been said on these boards before, but I will take a human life if they shit on BACK TO THE FUTURE. why? because I have nothing better to do and its that important to my pathetic brain.

  • Bas

    I don’t know why, but I have faith in Aronofsky’s Robocop. Like Batman, a different vision splitting up the franchise wouldn’t bother me. Ghostbusters is a different story – even with a new cast it should be set in the same universe with the same style.

  • Phil

    Have all the original cast make cameos, perhaps.

    but why wouldn’t Dan Ackroyd do it?

    It’s not like anyone is offering to make Dr.Detroit 2

    (disclosure: I am just kidding, D.A is one of the greats.)

  • Since Ghostbusters 2 sucked, I’m assuming that the Office writers can be a good addition. I think if they handle it as a passing of the torch film and not a reboot, then it might just work.

  • “I will take a human life if they shit on BACK TO THE FUTURE.”

    I think anyone would…please don’t say this again as it may bring about a curse…hopefully no one is willing to deal with the genocide such a reboot would inspire.

    “I have faith in Aronofsky’s Robocop.”

    I do too. I think it has to do with the fact that the sequels weren’t that great (and even the original itself isn’t a visionary work). Aronofsky couldn’t ruin something that is already tainted by age.

    As for Ghostbusters; I’d rather it not happen at all. If it has to I think a reboot may be the only thing that would work. It sounds blasphemous but the original cast are all way to old to reprise those roles.

  • Bas

    I haven’t seen Ghostbusters 2 or Robocop 2 in a looong time, but I have two distinct “cool moments” etched into my brain: Winston getting an eerie “Winstonnnnn” instead of an echo in the sewer and the psychotic Robocop pulling off his helmet leaving a screaming skull. Good times!

  • Jamie

    I Don’t like the idea as most of fans agree to having a new group of ghostbusters. I am sure that the studios want to refresh the franchise and if they cant sign on the original cast.. they will creaate a new group of ghostbusters yet use cameos of the old ones to pass the torch. I would like to see a darker version of ghostbusters with lots of scares but at the same time kinda keep some comedy to it to keeps its past to it. Either way.. Ghostbusters is an icon and with icons.. you have to be careful not to screw it up… otherwise it will be lost until a great ideas years away brings it back to life.