Voice Actor Don LaFontaine 1940-2008

You may not know him by name, but you almost definitely know his voice. Don LaFontaine, one of the most well-known voice over guys in showbiz, died on the weekend after complications from a collapsed lung. He was 68 years old. LaFontaine is best known for that overused movie trailer intro line “In a World…”, which has been lovingly parodied over the years. Trailers and TV commercials will never be the same again. What are some of your favourite LaFontaine appearances? I leave you with a couple of classics.

  • It’s a tie, and it was in comedies: trailers for DUMD AND DUMBER and the little-known movie THE COMEDIAN. I read a quote on his site that said that one day, when we went to Heaven, that voice we heard wouldn’t be his, but God trying to sound like him. Guess they’ll be a voice showdown. I’ll miss him greatly.

  • This is sad. Everything he did was awesome. I do love the Comedian one.

  • manicpanda

    Uh, guys? the Comedian trailer is Hal Douglas. Not DLF.

  • Chopper

    he definitely had one of those voices that captured you when you were watching trailers in the theaters or on the boob tube. he will be missed.

  • Matt

    Nothing against the guy personally, but I never liked his voiceovers. Whenever I heard his voice in a movie trailer I started to associate it with Michael Bay-esque mindless action and ridiculously unfunny comedies. I felt like they hired him whenever their product was turning to crap. I’m sorry he died, but I’m not going to miss his voiceovers.