Queer Eye Director Takes on Voltron Live Action Movie

A few years back, just when all the hype was building for Michael Bay’s Transformers, it was announced that the 80’s anime series Voltron had also been optioned for a live action feature film. Giant robots breed giant robots… it only makes sense, right? A script was written by Justin Marks, which supposedly moved the setting to post-apocalyptic Earth, and now a couple of years later it looks like a director has finally been attached to this long-gestating project. Who is the man that will bring Voltron to the big screen? According to Latino Review, his name is Max Makowski.

A quick look at his filmography reveals that his most recognizable credit to date is Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He is, however, working on the big screen version of Kung Fu and a remake of the Japanese movie Shinobi, while he previously directed an Asian action flick called One Last Dance, starring Victor Ng and Harvey Keitel. Apparently this was enough to land him the Voltron gig. At the very least, it seems like they may be taking a slightly different approach than the G.I. Joe and Transformers franchises, which both have well-known Hollywood blockbuster directors behind them. Unfortunately, I still see the end result being about the same. Regardless, I’ll be there on on opening night just like everyone else my age, so I can both relive my childhood and complain about how they got it all wrong!

  • Voltron has great potential to be awesome but I won’t be sure until I see One Last Dance. It wasn’t a part of my childhood but I hope we eventually see some sort of anime finally get the live-action version it deserves.

    It’s time to see skyscraper tall mechs!

  • Judge Giusep

    Not trying to be pessimistic but, I cant see this being good at all. When they say live action why am I getting the feeling it’s just gonna look alot like power rangers tv shows from my childhood.

  • Leo of BORG

    Maybe they should start this guy on something small like a M.A.S.K., Gem, or GoBots remake before letting him rape Voltron.

    Of course, if they’re gonna let him actually *do* it, stay the hell away from Go-Lion. Let him tackle the ‘lame’ Voltron first.