Confirmed: Next Superman Movie Will Start From Scratch

After a lot of debate over whether or not Bryan Singer should be allowed to continue his soap opera saga of the Man of Steel, it appears that Warner Brothers has finally made a decision on the future of the Superman franchise. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, WB prez Jeff Robinov revealed that they are planning to reboot the series once again, in a way that will allow them to build up to the Justice League or some other form of team-up movie.

“Superman [Returns] didn’t quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to… It didn’t position the character the way he needed to be positioned. Had Superman worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009, but now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman.”

He also confirmed that the success of The Dark Knight has proven to them that darker is better, even for Superman. “We’re going to try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it.”

Over the next three years, Warner Brothers hopes to crank out a sequel to The Dark Knight, a new Superman flick, and two other movies focusing on either Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow or Wonder Woman. I’m glad to hear that they’re not continuing with Superman Returns, because if you ask me, there is nowhere they could possibly go with that damn kid in the mix. As for “darker is better”… uh, yeah it works for Batman, but I’m not sure it makes sense for all the other characters.

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  • Two things: “Superman [Returns] didn’t quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to… It didn’t position the character the way he needed to be positioned.”

    I’m guessing as a not creepy stalker that could kick bad guy ass.

    And what worries me is that I don’t think audiences want darker… they want them to be good. Iron Man wasn’t dark and it worked. All this talk about darker is starting to make me think super hero films are going to go into the same realm comics went in the 90s… shudder…

  • I have an idea for the new “dark” Superman film: Superman is addicted to heroin, but lately “the brown pony” hasn’t been taking him “down to brown pony town” the way it used to. So Superman starts shooting the only thing that’ll fuck him up gonzo-style–liquid kryptonite.

  • Wow. Reboots are the new remakes.

    Robocop. Bond. Hulk. Batman. Tron. Star Trek.

    This all seems a lot silly. I guess more fodder for the bloggers. Pretty soon there will be a top 10 best/worst reboots.

  • Ian

    You have to challenge Superman in order to keep it interesting. In the cartoon they made in the 90’s (the that along with Batman: The Animated Series lead to a Justice League cartoon) they got “darker” by introducing Dark Seid an alien overlord who was a physical threat to supes. I fell that doing something like this is probably the best way to make the movie exciting. I do however feel that the world of the Nolan Batman will not work with the fantastical Superman or Justice League world. Batman was never officially a member anyway so I’d be fine if they left him out.

  • I hadn’t got a major problem with Superman Returns but I can understand that the introduction of his child makes things very difficult to continue on. So a reboot makes sense.

    I just hope that they cast Brandon Routh as Superman. He is perfect in the role.

  • theman

    I didn’t mine Superman Returns, but I guess I was the only one. I do agree it just didn’t have enough action in it. Oh well.

  • Thank Christ…

  • “Reboot” is just the term for studios saying, “we made something that was shit, give us another chance from step one.” Trouble is, people aren’t gpong to forget the shit movie thatcame out just 2 years ago.

    Reboots are also kind of embarrassing because it shows that the studios really don’t know what they are doing in terms of choosing the right directors and scripts for a given property, like superman.

  • Captain N

    Superman Returns was a bad movie.

    Bryan Singer is perfectly capable of making a great Superman movie though, I think. He was just far to tied down to the Donner films. There are some admirable qualities in Returns. Routh as Clark kent/Superman. Spacey as Luthor. It’s just that the Reeves films from the 70’s just dont hold up anymore tonally.

    My main fear is that, a few weeks ago, it was rumored that the director of the new hulk film (forgot his name), was offered the directing position, and that is the direction they’ll go in. Superman is an iconic image the world over. I am not the biggest Superman fan (I dont really like the character) but he still needs to be handled with respect and care. I am interested to see who they bag for this.

  • “You have to challenge Superman in order to keep it interesting.”

    Exactly. I think I’ve said that one way or another twice before in these forums. No one wants Lex Luthor again! We have CG now dammit!



    “Batman was never officially a member anyway so I’d be fine if they left him out.”

    Lol whut? He’s a founding member!

    I hope they don’t fuck up the Justice League movie because it could easily be the most epic superhero film ever made. I’m writing a treatment for one (which would actually be two movies shot at once like Kill Bill) just for fun so I know that there is a lot you could do with them. I’m kind of getting skeptical about this movie crossover thing though. It’ll be a fail of epic proportions if one of these crossover movies suck.

  • I’d also like to add that the crossover movie thing will be really hard for DC Universe characters.

    The main problem is coordinating the visuals. I’m guessing they wont be going with the Nolan Batman…because imagine him standing next to some incarnation of Wonder Woman. Seems fucked doesn’t it? People would be too distracted by stars from movies with different creative teams trying to work through a whole new lens. The best way would be to have the JLA movie be a reboot (which is how I’m writing my fan treatment).

    (Crossovers works better with Marvel because almost all the characters are bright, colorful, and created by the same guy.)

  • You can’t go “dark” with Superman. He represents the positive in the world, and the U.S., specifically. He was made to reflect the good that America could be, in a time when the rest of the world seemed “dark”. He wasn’t made to fit in the real world, he was made to combat it.

  • You cannot go “dark” with Superman. Superman represents the positive in the world, and in the U.S., specifically. He represents hope. He was created to offset reality, which at the time, seemed very “dark”. Superman will not work in the real world, because Superman was made to combat it.

  • “In the cartoon they made in the 90’s (the that along with Batman: The Animated Series lead to a Justice League cartoon) they got “darker” by introducing Dark Seid an alien overlord who was a physical threat to supes.”

    My nerd alarm went off a bit when reading this. Heh Despite some errors there you make a good point, though introducing Darkseid and Kirby’s other crazy creations might be a bit tough to do in one film… and a little over the top..

  • Superman is the most hottest good guy ever.

    the best part about Superman is the fact that he is GOOD no matter what. He does represent all things good and full of light,
    i hope when they say they are planning on making the movie darker, they don’t mean superman. You cannot change the reason why people love Superman. He is not like Batman or other heroes!!

  • I think Superman could be made darker by exploring the adult theme of absolute power without Superman becoming corrupt.

    Perhaps we could have Superman accidentally killing someone and having him deal with his guilt.

    Or we could see the death of Superman and see how this affects everyone around him.

    The comic books have dealt with these issues with great success.

    In the first Superman movie directed by Richard Donner, I would have liked to have seen some dark ramifications as a result of Superman reversing time to save Lois’ life. (Even without that, I don’t think the sentimentality was emphasized enough. Christopher Reeve did a good job in expressing anguish, but there was something lacking in how the scene was put together.)

  • Reed, I take it you haven’t seen Superman Returns yet? If I’m not mistaken, they took the Death of Superman storyline right out of the comics.

  • Reed Farrington

    I saw Superman Returns! Superman didn’t die in the movie. He just left for a while to check out the remains of Krypton, or something like that. Actually, I can’t remember what made him leave without saying good-bye.

    I have the Death of Superman comics.

    I didn’t think Superman Returns or the Death of Superman comics were handled very well.

    Confession time. I get misty-eyed whenever I listen to the lyrics of the Crash Test Dummies’ Superman’s Song. Especially the chorus:

    Superman never made any money
    For saving the world from Solomon Grundy
    And sometimes I despair the world will never see
    Another man like him

  • Vazquez

    Supes doesnt kill, bottom line. no way they would allow him to accidently kill someone.
    regardless, Returns wasn’t a bad movie. stuck to the comics. even with his 1st child. He has 5 for crying outload.
    i just hope they dont make HIM dark. you can make the movie dark with supes as the shining light. darkseid kicking his head in a couple of times while recking earth sounds about right. then throw Lobo in for some good old wise cracking. ya got my $16

  • arenas

    They could first start by bringing in other villians like Braniac, Metallo even Mr. Myxlplyx!! Anything other then the same old Lex Luthor and same lame story.

  • Clark Wayne, a.k.a. the Superbat

    the success of The Dark Knight has proven to them that darker is better, even for Superman. “We’re going to try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it.”

    Batman has proven, dark is better? No…
    Dark is better for the dark knight, holy bujeebus!

    So their idea is,
    “Lets make a Superman movie, dress him in all black, take away his powers and give him a small sidekick.”

    Perhaps this new dark superman could even wear a mask with pointy ears and live in a cave!
    What they need to do is remember who and what Superman is really about. He is not a man, he’s a concept. He is not Christopher Reeve, Tom Welling, or Brandon Routh. He is not Jesus, he is not God…

    is simply the idea that if we choose to, we can be more than what we are. We can help, if we choose to help. He is an inspiration of hope, that doing the right thing is not always as hard as it seems.

    You don’t need Adamantium claws, you don’t need to be hated or feared to do the right thing. You just need to do it. And all Superman’s job is, is to show us the way, to inspire us to do the right thing.

    So, by all means…
    Go make this Evil Dark Superman, and let him tear appart buildings and blow up the world with his eyes, and let his rage frighten little children if you think its what the people want… and yeah, I’ll watch it, hoping and waiting for someone to get it right.
    He’ll turn back time, unrealisticly, and I’ll be disapointed… but I’ll watch it. I have hope. He will live in Smallville till he’s 35 years old, and I’ll wait. He will abandon the earth for five years, leaving a human to raise his hybrid alien son, and still… I will wait. For the day when they get it right. The day when people remember what Superman is all about, and stop trying to invent and add to the mythos.

    as a very wise unknowing man once said.
    Forest Gump: “…thats all I got to say about that.”

    -Conner Kent

    p.s. “When they gonna make
    a movie about me? Jeesh.”

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  • dgmon

    Conner says it best.- don’t’ think returns was that bad. It kept. Pretty true to the story. And I know what you mean, god, will the please finish smallville off. I like the show but , damn.

  • this made me smile and thats all i care about….

  • Shilo Weefz

    Well…there seems to be a slight difference in opinions here but heres the deal…superman himself should never be dark, they tried that in superman 3 with reeves and it was…shite to say the least…ive been sayin this for years and i still stick by it…THEY NEED TO MAKE A “DEATH OF SUPERMAN” film where doomsday comes and kicks his arse…it was one of the best selling superman story lines in the comics and its not over the top..

    Doomsday can be the dark side of the film, whilst superman is the bright side…thats the way it should be….PERIOD

  • Jordan Lee

    I believe they need to do a new series beginning with an updated version of the destruction of Krypton, Clark Kent discovering his powers as a kid and first flying as a teenager, leaving Smallville after graduating high school for attending college at Shuster University, then moving to Metropolis as an adult to take a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet. Then he should finally become Superman for the first time wearing the traditional blue suit and red cape. The first movie should reintroduce the superhero to help make him separate from the others created. So he should spend a little while fighting regular criminals and preventing deadly disasters making him seem like the powerful being that can do what no ordinary person can. And Lex Luthor should be brought into the story as a corrupt business tycoon who eventually makes the discovery of kryptonite. The second movie could use a villain like Metallo who Lex Luthor has John Corben converted into and sends after Superman for revenge after causing his previous failure. The third movie should bring Brainiac into the story to give Superman his first encounter with an alien. It can be learned in this story that Brainiac was actually responsible for Krypton being destroyed. There should possibly be a fourth movie that uses Darkseid and Kalibak as villains to give Superman his greatest challenge ever. Four new movies for a brand new series could make up for the original four movies as they now are outdated for today’s world. The reason I think their sequels were not very successful was because they did not use enough villains from the comic books.

  • lene

    I loved superman returns it had me in tears. The way Brandon Routh played clark/superman was spot on for me. How clark was forgettable,Fading into the black ground so he could be superman and not be spotted.How his co-workers didn’t realy care less if he had a place to say. How no one missed clark or even spotted he was missing. But it was spot on for me how it was superman they wanted. All the cast worked for me apart from a few details. Kate Bosworth didn’t work of me. She was flat as Lois Lane.
    I don’t know why they want to restart it. The kid thing was cute but i can see why they don’t want to go into depth with that . As far as i can see it can be left open. Ok ok the piono bit. But for me human beings can have super human strength if someone they love is in danger. I like that they had a son. I like the whole superman having his heart broken. He was a great superman.
    If i was writing the script i would saw ok lets not say scrap the last one it didn’t happen etc. But have it very open if the kid has his powers. As he was made human in superman two. So he has a kid but just don’t say if the kid has his powers or not. I thought it was a great touch that Jason didn’t get ill when he was shown the Kryptonite. So it could be he has supermans powers but as he is half human Kryptonite isn’t his weakness. Or he fully human. But i wouldn’t go into to it all with the next one. Just leave it very open not explain it either way but don’t start the whole thing again.
    I mean how can people think this movie wasn’t dark? Kevin spacey was great as lex. Stabbing him and saying fly fly. And him nearly dying was very sad. I thought it was very dark that clarks mother couldn’t even see her dying son because that would blow his cover. And no one gave a damp either way about where clark was. So if clark had of died only one person would of mourned-that was dark for me. That to me was sad.
    I guess if people want dark with the next one why not have supermans villons take the kid and make him into to a pin cushion. I mean after all clark kents acting a weep was to protect that happening to him and his loved ones.

    The next movie should either have a new love interest or a new Lois Lane. Because to be frank she is quite forgettable in the role. Where the rest of the cast were.
    Lex is great spacey played him well but the next movie should have some new baddies.
    They can always go back to him if they want to in the next few movies.
    Keep Brandon Routh as he’s spot on just needs a better leading lady. I wouldn’t go and see this next movie if he isn’t in it.

  • David

    Dark would work well for Superman if they used 2 of the villians like Darkside or Doomsday

  • Dark for the Dark Knight. Yes. Dark for Superman. Touchy!
    Superman wears a mask but in a different way than all of the other superheroes. Superman’s mask is a weak stumbling Clark Kent – the perfect disguise. Superman perceives us as a weak race. And that’s how he manages to blend in. As a result, Clark Kent, the alter ego, is truly fun to watch! We need to see him in the daylight. We need to see him at work. We always need to hear his thoughts. We need to feel that he is a savior, and not a killing machine. And… He flies. (For God’s sake, can someone please show Smallville how it’s done? After 8 years, he’s still running!??!
    There are so many comic books out there (10 cents, 12 cents, etc…), so many stories, great little stories, and I can’t believe we’re still back at square one! I guess the decisions are always built on what’s safe. Bummer.
    Superman Returns was alright. The kid in the mix? Why not! Seems like a good twist. Lois Lane? God I always imagined her more “Bettie Page” like! With attitude plus! I don’t know, I see Rachel Weisz or Gretchen Mol with dyed hair, Black No 1 of course, in a tight, like real tight 50’s dress, the whole vixen thing with the high heels, Monica Bellucci sexy, and with ATTITUDE PLUS!! Lots of attitude!! Lois IS Superman’s dark side! Lois & Clark are fun to watch, why not explore a real cool 2020 version of this couple in action. Money well spent!
    And Lana? no….. NO LANA!! Smallville gave us Lana ad-nausea.
    I’m glad to see that DC Comics is waking up to The Green Lantern, Flash Gordon, The Green Arrow, and others…. Aquaman? The Atom?
    My fav… The Spectre! Now there’s a challenge. Resurrect the Ostrander-Mandrake series and I will be first in line to buy tickets!

  • mahoyage

    about time a new superman was upon us, i’ve been waitinig so long, i really enjoyed Superman Returns, even thou some of its plots were….wierd (supremans kid)
    but cant wait non the less :)

  • well i felt the superman returns did suck. as far as the kid, well they could have just made it to where lois sent the kids to live with her parents or something to keep him safe, because you know the kids would grow up to have some of the powers of sup. and the bad guys would be after him. kep the actor, but don’t go dark with the charater,superman has never killed anyone, hell batman has not killed, at least not that i know of and not in the movies. im tired of superman fighting lex luthor, now if you keep lex you have to make him darker, and more arrogant but bring in some other villians. i tell you except for batman, marvel comics is kicking dc comics ass in the movies they bring to the big scren, dc needs to play catch up, and no more dumbass shit like cat woman,lol.

  • jolly

    jist get the finger oot and get a new movie out stop this crap of making superman bad as he is always good you have the technology at your fingertips so get on with it i want more





  • Ron

    What I detested most about every Superman movie to date, has been the characterization of Lex Luthor. Why does he always have to be portrayed as a clown? Batman has the clown, Lex doesn’t need to be one too. Lex is the one that needs to go darker in a reboot, much like he is on Smallvile. And it doesn’t always have to be Luthor, Superman has other villains. I would love to see Braniac or Parasite, Metallo or Darksied, I wouldn’t even mind seeing Zod again. But please, if they gotta do a Lex, no more Silly Lex Luthors.

  • Garry

    I’ve been reading Superman comics since the 60s and seen all the films.

    I like the idea of a reeboot, pretty much the same way DC comics did in the mid 80s.

    I also hope Jonathan and Martha Kent are both alive in Superman’s adulthood (I never could stand that “for all my powers I couldn’t save them” storyline preceding the 80s). I like the idea of an emotionally vulnerable Superman seeking advice from Mom and Dad occasionally.

  • Reyah

    Why don’t they put tom welling everyone knows that he was the best superman come on he looks like superman baby blue eyes the hair the strong chin and the body is great what else christopher reeve even agrees that this man is great if they thru my opininion I’m pretty sure tom welling will make them more of what they wanted

  • Reyah

    And to kill superman is the kind that does not kill he cares for others to much man if they can’t make a good superman then might as well don’t change but I hope and pray that tom welling gets to be superman and erica durance to be louis lane they r really good at it