Fox Considering Scrapping Dragonball Movie?

When it was first announced that a Dragonball movie was actually happening, a lot of people couldn’t comprehend how such an over-the-top, stylized animated series would possibly work in a live action setting. Then Stephen Chow came on board as a producer and suddenly it seemed like there might be hope. Of course, the movie was originally supposed to be ready for this summer, but Fox ended up pushing it back to April 2009. No official explanation was given, but some wondered if it might be the first sign of trouble. The fact that the movie also had no presence at the San Diego Comic Con only deepened suspicions.

This week we received word from an anonymous source that there may be some truth to this speculation after all. According to our tipster, the higher-ups at Fox are not too impressed the footage that has been shot thus far, and are seriously debating shutting the whole thing down. Now I have no idea if this is a real possibility or if the studio is just putting pressure on director James Wong to deliver, but the movie supposedly has a budget of over $100 million and I can understand them wanting to cut some losses while they still can. The thing is, if this is all true, it only makes me that much more interested to see the movie. If it it’s strange enough to scare the suits, it’s gotta be good, right? Are you looking forward to Dragonball?

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  • I watched the show when I was in high school and was a big enough fan back then that I’ll be seeing this film if it does indeed come out. I’m not a big enough fan to really care whether or not it does in fact get released, though. None of the images or rumors I’ve seen/heard about Dragonball have given me much hope for a quality film as of yet.

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  • I’m the fans of this comic and stephen chow…
    so, really hope that this movie launching….

  • That’s not a big surprise considering a lot of people are pissed about this movie. Just look at the website. Some people are even talking about boycotting. What till the people on the website hear about this.

  • go to to learn more

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  • People if this is really truth and if they really cancel it I think I am gonna EXPLODE OF HAPPINESS!!! LITERALLY!


    Brothers and sisters, DB fans, please sign our petition! if for nothing else from the principle… to show to them that this MOCKERY is not what DB/Z is about and definitely not something what we want.

    Our petition:

    Our forum:

    FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! :)

  • ShenEvil44

    Wow, Sean. You’ve REALLY upset the Dragonball community with your cancellation news. Being a hardcore Dragon Ball fan myself, I have no ill intentions of showering you with bad comments. However, be more careful with your sources, especially if they involve Dragon Ball. DB fandom can be very “anal”.

  • All I can say is that I trust the validity of this source a lot more than I trust some of the other silly rumours that have been floating around out there lately.

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  • “DB fandom can be very “anal””
    DB fandom can be very fake, I’d say…I’ve met so many NOT-AT-ALL-DB-FANS that are calling themselves “DB fans”…I never meet them more in my life then now…

    Everyone who is supporting this movie is NOT-DB-FAN-AT ALL!!! IMO.

    And I believe this site MORE than I believe DBMB who is the producer of 50% of fake rumors…
    So I consider their last few news as just a tactic contra rumor ;) and watch out cuz I just might be right this time…but then again I might be wrong as well :(((((((

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  • origin DB

    this film wouldn’t be have any haters if they make this film correctly and not telling their own storyline with their own characters which never told in the anime!!!

    Goku never go to college, it’s awful!!! we want a plain Goku character!!! and where’s Krillin in this film?

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  • kruge

    Stephen Chow’s not at all involved, so you might as well give up on this flick

  • JohnG

    I was a fan of the entire series, from Dragonball to Dragonball Z, although I should mention that I didn’t care much for GT, but from what I’ve seen so far, I can say this with ease, 1. I will be seeing the movie, and 2. Nothing I’ve seen so far has me thinking the movie is going to Rock. There aren’t many good pics out, and the ones that are out seem too plain, they don’t seem to follow the style of the show, and without any scenes showing their CGI, there’s no way of knowing if the movie will be good or bad. Hopefully it will be great, but if it fails, oh well. It won’t be the first time a movie was made that didn’t suceed in pleasing it’s core audience.

  • DonA

    well, I do hope this movie comes out, if it busts, it will probably set a chain off saying stop messing with animes. if it comes out great, i might someday see a live action Gundam movie (gundam would destroy transformers) or maybe at least that Evangelion movie i was promised a century ago. People give this movie a try, just be that kid at the theater saying THIS MOVIE SUX and move on, theres no suit grabbing you off your computer chair and forcing you to spend 10 bucks to see this movie (20 bucks for gas too :p) and then hold your hand and say this movie rocked repeatedly over and over till your ears bleed and you died from the hemorrhage and then held your body in a frozen chamber till the movie came out on DVD and he shoved down your throat before finally shooting you with his own Kamehameha so he can post on youtube but dont worry it will get over 9000 views!

  • Mike

    Well, the fox website still has it listed as an upcoming release…sooo, as of now, it’s still in production.

  • forthegreatergood


  • J

    OMGWTF is this?!?!?!?
    Big NO
    FOX —> 3==D

  • J

    I meant FOX –> 3==D suckers

  • Carrie

    you gotta remember that you cant make dbz into a live action film. but its like Spiderman and Lord of the Rings and Star Wars—if you watch it in the day time with some friends you realize they look so stupid. but at night alone in your room you love them and Dragonball can pull this off. and hopefully DBZ fans will looks beyond this movie and realize that it can lead to better ones like the Trunks-Cell saga. you have think of the big picture. this is the only and last and best chance at a DBZ live action movie. lets lie if we have to and get Fox to make as many as possible so we’ll have something else to hold on to. cause for me its the story–and i dont care that it’ll suck–its Goku and Bulma and Yamcha [and hopefully with the worlds help Vegeta Trunks and the Andriods and Cell and Frieza too] i cant wait for it to come out. i want to see what they make of it and no matter what it is it will ultimately just add to DBZ’s original greatest not take it away.

  • SaltineKraken

    I noticed no one actually posted the petition.
    So here it is:
    Whether you choose to sign it or not I’d like to say this movie is not a Dragon Ball movie, just another scheme of Fox’s to get us to part with our money and feel shameful afterwords for doing so.

  • JM


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  • Stephy

    The sad part is that it’s so bad dbz fans will go see it anyway… JUST to see how bad it is. I know I am, I’m 20, a junior in college, and have been watching db dbz and gt since I was like 9. Seriously man, its almost as if they didn’t even try. The reason why the series attracted people in the first place was because of the rediculous story plot, should have kept it. Even younger kids will look at this and know it’s crap.

  • leroy jenkins

    This is a disgrace to dragonball z, the main actor doesn’t even look like fucking goku… what a load of shit

  • mysterlee

    cut and dry no questions asked if a db movie comes out it may spark a resurgence of fans. I honestly would prefer a new anime in the series but i’ll take what i can get. i can even enjoy some vegeta bulma XXX fakes. i was grabbed by the dragonballs and i want more. i would also love to see more merchandise for my son (me) he is six and loves db. Lets all shout dreamworks DB movie. that would finish me off.

  • oh my god u guys r so miss informed fox loves dragon ball now i know why this site is called film JUNK all u guys do is JUNK!


  • owen

    wf! goku was asian!
    another western attempt to Americanize anime/manga legends..even if stephen chow’s the producer there’s no way caucasians should portray asian roles, my 2 cents.

    and who the hell are those original characters made for the film??
    are those idiots you call filmmakers trying to kill the “essence” of DBZ??

    oh c’mon dickheads…even before the movie is released, it is a RESOUNDING FLOP! A BOMB!

    my 2 cents again…lol

  • owen

    load of shit!
    scrap this shit you call movie to the nearest junkyard!

    oww..i hope they don’t make movies portraying gohan, goten, and vegeta…

    resurgence of fans??

    c’mon..maybe an emergence of tomato throwers dude…

  • owen

    these Americans should stick to adapting-to-film their comics and not in poking their stinky noses in asian manga.

    …trying hards….
    try making new movies like your crappy romantic comedy flicks or those superhero films you could imagine..

    makes me rant knowing that our beloved DBZ was PERVERTED, repeat PERVERTED, by AMERICANS – asshole c*cksuckers. my 2 cents…lol

  • Singhyd

    i have seen it and it is really bad a disgrace to the dragonball series

  • 7BaLlZz

    Dragonball:Evolution RuleZz Baby!!!

  • Kon

    @joerg: Your shitty ass movie failed miserably at the box office. It only made 4.7 mille on opening day which landed them 8th place at box office.
    As of now, the movie made $ 52,245,681 and it’s still a failure b/c their budget was 100mille. however, some sources says the budget was 45 mille. I bet the most of the 45 mille was spent on chow yun fat.

    In conclusion, this movie couldn’t even beat hanah montana movie which is pretty sad. And it couldn’t even beat Fast and Furious and this movie came out a week a head of it.

    As for director james wong, all his movies suck balls. He couldn’t even win an emmy for any of his movies. the only emmy he got was for X-files but this is for best series not MOVIES. I have yet to see james wong win an emmy for a movie and by looks of dragonball evolution, he won’t receive any emmies anytime soon.

  • Greg

    This is one of the best comment threads on Film Junk.