Fanboys Pissed About Watchmen Lawsuit… I Smell Another Boycott

You may recall that earlier this year a lawsuit was filed against Warner Brothers by Fox, who claimed to own at least partial rights to the Watchmen movie. As is often the case with all things legal, it has taken a while for the courts to even look at the case, but this week a judge decided that the lawsuit has merit and won’t simply be dismissed. The thing is, at this point we’ve all seen the Watchmen trailer, and a lot of people have started to get very excited about this movie. Now fans are pissed that Fox is trying to take their Watchmen movie away from them.

There seems to be some debate over what exactly Fox is hoping to get out of the deal. The most obvious solution to the problem is that Fox becomes a production partner and ends up with a cut of the profits. However, according to Variety, Fox would “rather see the film killed instead of collecting a percentage of the box office”. Seems a little selfish, don’t you think?

The upshot of all this is that geeks across the web are once again banding together and trying to find a way to make their voices heard. Unlike the ridiculous Weinstein boycott over Fanboys, which had a few moviegoers skipping out on a movie they weren’t going to see anyway, this time around some people are actually talking about ways to harm Fox financially by recording and posting bootleg copies of their upcoming movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine when it hits theatres. Take that Fox! Once again, it’s pretty childish and won’t likely have any real impact, but at least it will get the point across… don’t mess with our comic book movies! Personally I can’t see Watchmen’s release getting blocked at this point. It’s too far along and there’s simply too much money at stake. Thoughts?

  • Phil

    SO watchmen might become a never-seen film like the Star Wars Holiday Special, back in the day, which you had to buy off a videocasette in a seedy back alley?

    WOW, that would be cool in a way…the legend of the film would grow and grow, it would be the ultimate comic book film becuase it would be hard to find and seen only by some insiders.

  • Fans have absolutely every right to be pissed, fox is literally trying to stop watchmen from being released, and while making fun of them over the fanboys movie is fair, i don’t think it is fair with this.

  • Sure, fanboys have a right to be pissed. Pissed that Warner Bros. didn’t wait until all the legal issues were sorted out before producing this movie. This is all on Warner Bros., not Fox.

  • then why didn’t fox come out of the woodwork until the movie was doe filming and not when it was in devolopment or the casting phase?

  • Captain N

    This movie will get released. It may get delayed. But it’ll get released.

  • There is no question in my mind this movie will be released. But Fox sure as hell picked the worst/best moment to strike like a snake. Sobbing bitches…

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  • I wouldn’t believe anything in that Variety article about wanting to see the film killed other than posturing by Fox so they can get a cut of the profits. Surely this movie is too far along to actually be scrapped.

    As much as I’ve dreaded this movie up until now, the trailers and all this studio wrangling actually kind of maybe sort of have me excited about it. Kind of.

  • swarez

    It will be released on the day it was always planed. It’s too big to simply vanish.
    This is Fox puffing their chest, wanting a piece of the pie but I’m guessing they won’t get a thing.

  • WB and Fox will settle out of court and it will all be fine (or at the worst delayed). I’m also wondering why the hell Fox waited so long.

  • walter kovacs

    rupert murdock shall be punished for his crimes against humanity…

  • FuturePerfect

    Hmmm, feels just like an early 21st century PR stunt to me….So Fox are going to spend millions in legal to block a film so they can make zero income from the rights that they may own? Oh wait a minute they let the thing get finished in production first before they kicked up so their case had less merit. Wake up and smell the flowers people we will all be in the movie houses next June enjoy/enduring this one….

  • jason

    yeah i agree fox wont be going for too much longer if i hear rumors correct there choice in film releases avp2 anyone?fact fox have come out of woodwork cause they know they could of made film but refused.will boycott any fox films if they win court battle.