Film Junk Podcast Episode #181: Tropic Thunder

0:00 – Intro / Greg Gets Struck By Lightning / In-house Stuff
11:20 – Headlines: Harry Potter 6 Delayed to 2009, Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max, Mike Myers in Inglorious Bastards
28:30 – What We Watched: Inglorious Bastards, Encounters at the End of the World, Domestic Violence, Jurassic Park III, East Bound and Down
42:00 – Junk Mail: Doomsday, Actor/Director Collaborations, Blu-ray Players and the Red One
1:00:50 – Review: Tropic Thunder
1:19:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:20:40 – Outro

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  • Thanks for reading my e-mail I thought I kept it short though lol.

    I hadn’t caught that Wired article but I’ll check it out. I guess Jay is saying he’d prefer film for picture quality alone (which may be true…its hard to tell watching the internet video of Peter Jackson’s short if it looks as good or better). Is that what you’re saying Jay? There may not be enough reputable examples but I think Zodiac and Superbad looked great and seeing a film shot in HD projected digitally at the theater always makes it obvious that HD looks better. I saw Superman Returns and Episode 3 projected digitally and they looked way better than film to me.

  • catho

    kiss kiss bang bang is the perfect film for robert downey jr, lets face it hes the same in everything but it suits this movie, kinda like in a scanner darkly. also its a nice little murder mystery and val kilmer is great in it.

  • Mick

    I keep only getting 18Mb of this podcast (about 35 minutes. Is it rogered?

  • It seems to work okay for me.

  • @Mick

    I have the same prob – it won’t download the fully 40MB … never had this prob … (but I will try ’till the end! ;))

  • dirrrtyfrank

    kiss kiss bang bang is a pretentious P.O.S.
    that movie needs to get over itself

  • Goon

    KKBB is Ok. not great, not horrible. just ok.

    Jay said pretty much anything I could possibly say about Tropic Thunder for me.

  • I’ve always had a natural aversion to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I don’t know why. I always grouped it in with the Lock Stock and Snatch movies. I’ve just never been interested.

  • Jay, I think YOU should direct the Green Arrow movie:

    “Maximum Security: The Green Arrow Escapes”
    Starring Al Roker as the Joker and Andre Rieu as the Fiddler


  • Also, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was decent, definitely worth a watch, but I can see why it wasn’t a hit. The best part of it for me was seeing Michelle Monaghan topless. Me wanty.

  • swarez

    Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a good flick. Caught me by surprise.
    I also have another film called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, starring Stellan Skarsgard, Chris Penn and Paul Bettany. It’s a strange little film where Penn plays a retard who Skarsgard’s character has to babysit. Skarsgard is also a hitman who want’s out of the game but his colleagues will have none of that and plan to take him out.
    Got it on DVD in Japan.

  • swarez

    The movie “Game”, by the Crank guys was shot entirely on the Red camera.

  • According to, Jumper (and Wanted) used the Red camera minimally for some VFX shots and second unit. Jumper was shot with Panavision cameras on film.

    As for upcoming films; Che, Game and Knowing are apparently full Red productions.

  • Jay doesn’t like this movie because of its brutal take down of people who drone on and on about the format wars.

    I thought of Jay during that scene.

  • KKBB was one of my favs from ’05. Kilmer and Downey Jr are spot on terrific (per usual). The voice-over narration by RDJ is a bit different in that not only is he narrating, but it’s made to seem as if he’s controlling the projector as well (able to pause, rewind, etc). I like that aspect. But it’s neo-noir style mixed with RDJ/Kilmer comedic timing is near brilliance. Lots of great quotes.

    I can guarantee Sean will like it a lot and I think Jay will appreciate it too.

  • Slushie Man

    Is it this podcast, where one of the speakers said they were reading a military-related pulp novel where a bunch of convicts are put together in a military squad? If so, what was the name of that series’ again?

  • I think Jay mentioned it when he was talking about Inglorious Bastards…

  • There were two series of books I was talking about. The one I’ve actually started reading is called ‘Kill Squad’, written by Frank Garrett. The other is ‘The Rat Bastards’ by John Mackie.