Rainn Wilson Kidnaps Office Co-Star Jenna Fischer

I’ve seen a lot of strange viral marketing campaigns in my day, but this one I just don’t get. For some reason, Jenna Fischer and a number of Rainn Wilson’s co-stars from The Office have to decided to help him promote his upcoming film The Rocker… you know, just for kicks. They’re playing along with a little “skit” in which Rainn Wilson claims to have kidnapped Jenna Fischer and is threatening to hold her hostage unless his movie makes 18.7 million dollars. Well, I’ve got news for you Rainn… that ain’t gonna happen!

So what does The Rocker have to do with The Office? Absolutely nothing, except for that fact that Rainn Wilson is starring in it. The movie’s being released by Fox, so I don’t even understand why some these viral videos are being posted on the NBC website. I guess they’re just looking at it as beneficial cross-promotion of some sort? Unfortunately, The Rocker looks like crap, so if anyone’s got something to lose here, it’s NBC. (That being said, I did think this video was kinda funny.) To stay up to date with all the latest developments in the Jenna Fischer kidnapping, point your web browser at Freejennanow.com. The Rocker hits theatres on August 20th… is anyone out there actually looking forward to it?