Film Junk Podcast Episode #180: Pineapple Express and REC

0:00 – Intro / Dentists
6:15 – Headlines: Olympics Opening Ceremony Controversy, R.I.P. Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, Lethal Weapon 5, Billy Bob Thornton as Freddy Krueger, Tropic Thunder Boycott and Protest
23:15 – What We Watched: Air Guitar Nation, Ring of Fire, Thank You For Smoking, I’m From Hollywood, Abel Raises Cain, Transsiberian
36:20 – Junk Mail: Daredevil, Recommended Comic Books, Corey Feldman is a Douchebag, The Anti-Blockbuster
1:04:55 – Review: Pineapple Express
1:25:42 – Review: REC
1:34:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:36:00 – Outro

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  • Henrik

    Greg, can you please write a review for Mayhem? With focus on the Dragonforce show?

  • ProjectGenesis

    I agree with Greg and Jay on Pineapple. It is a genre piece with some very interesting stuff in it. I’ve seen a few of DGG’s movies but will def be checking more out. Forget Tropic Thunder next week, have Gerry be a guest host and do Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the film junk listeners will be interested to hear how he ranks it in Mr. Allen’s canon. I’m so glad Greg mentioned Maximum Risk, an underrated film by the underrated director Rigo Lam, who’s City of Fire movie is basically Reservoir Dogs. Its great fun to see what he does with a Hollywood movie. And its got the chick from Species!

  • ProjectGenesis

    *whose City of Fire movie is basically Reservoir Dogs. Sorry about the grammar Sean. I saw Pineapple Express tonight and before I went I chose to partake in some…Pineapple Express.

  • swarez

    I’m hooked on M.I.A’s Paper Planes.

  • swarez

    Jay, just get a pimp ass grill. You’ll get respect from all your peers with a mouth full of faux gold and diamonds.
    You also have to get a ghetto goblet for your crunk juice.

  • Jay and Greg–thank you for talking some sense into Sean about the PE. Also nice to see Greg taking up Jay’s mantle by dropping a smooth “you’re an idiot” into the mix.

  • It was a shame that M.I.A. didn’t exist in the movie. The redband trailer will always be a more sublime experience than the film itself, for me….

    Did enjoy the film though.

  • Matt

    This comment is in regard to the junkmail sender who asked about the violence content in the McCarthy novel, and whether or nor it would get an NC-17 rating because of it. I was wondering if you guys knew whether or not any movie ever received an nc-17 rating because of the amount of ciolence portrayed?

  • Greg

    I think I read that Saw IV has been given an NC-17 rating.

    I imagine there will be cuts made.

  • Greg

    Sorry…Saw IV was given an NC-17 rating. Got confused in my excessive sequels.

  • Goon

    Didnt much care for Pineapple Express. I know its supposed to be a ‘genre film’ – I just don’t think its much of one, or much of anything at all. Its not exactly unentertaining, but its not funny either and the last 20 minutes are a complete mess. I think DGG was a bad match for the material. I give it 2/5 or whatever the equiv is of, mostly for Franco’s performance and a few decent scenes.

  • Reed Farrington

    ProjectGenesis, I’ve seen many of Ringo Lam’s films including “City On Fire” and “Maximum Risk,” and I think he deserves to be underrated. :-) I almost included Van Damme’s “Knock Off” in that list of Ringo Lam’s films until I double-checked and found that Tsui Hark directed it. (I was going to say that the best thing about “Knock Off” was Rob Schneider. :-) )

    But thx for your suggestion that I review Woody’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It’s not often that I’m asked for my opinion. You know, I’ve never seen any of Woody’s movies in a theatre. I suppose when no studios decide to finance Woody’s movies, then I’ll start feeling guilty.

  • What you said about anti-blockbusters is what I have said almost word for word. As an amateur filmmaker myself people always ask why I don’t just max out credit cards on a feature. What happened in the early 90’s will probably never happen again.