Bernie Mac 1957-2008

Wow.. I certainly didn’t expect to read this today. Comedian and actor Bernie Mac passed away today in Chicago after complications from pneumonia. Although he had previously suffered from a lung condition called sarcoidosis, he had been in remission since 2005, and his death is not believed to have been related. He was only 50 years old.

Although I was never a particularly huge fan of The Bernie Mac Show, I certainly appreciated the charm and personality that Mac brought to his various movie roles. He is probably best known for playing the car salesman in Transformers last year, but I think his most memorable role for me is the head of mall security in Bad Santa. His final on screen performances will be in the upcoming movies Soul Men and Old Dogs. What was your favourite Bernie Mac role?

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  • Guy

    I “actually” thought he was good when he was added to the “oceans” series. As mentioned in the article, his charm is what kept him afloat. Not bad thing,but he needed that one role that made us say “he’s not just saying bernie mac again,is he?” BTW, did he make an appearance in Transformers 2?!?!


  • His role as Pastor Clever in Friday was certainly the best…or at least the best film he was ever in. Too bad he never really had the chance to star in a really poignant film role he could be honored for forever.

  • He was good in “Ocean’s Eleven.” But he did always play the same thing– himself. RIP.

  • I thought he was funny in some movies(don’t remember which ones). A shame he’s gone. Like Ryan M. said too bad he won’t be remembered forever(unlike Heath Ledger)

  • Mitch

    RIP Bernie Mac.
    I enjoyed him in Friday, he was pretty good in Transformers, he was awesome in Bad Santa, and he was solid in the Ocean’s series.

  • swarez

    Another black star died yesterday. Isaac Hayes has passed away.

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    **jangalang jangalang

  • Danno

    Isaac Hayes was also in that Soul Men movie with Bernie Mac. Who’s next? Sam Jackson?

  • Matt

    He was a very talented comedian. And he even headlined Mr. 3000. Although I didn’t see it, critcs wern’t too kind to it. Anyway, I liked him a lot in Bad Santa. In another string ofcelebrity deaths this year, Isaac Hayes (voice of South Park’s Chef, singer of Shaft theme song) died as well this weekend. Weird.

  • America! Why. . .the bernie mac show. Why do all good things come to end, hey Mr Mac take care n l.i.p(laugh in peace).

  • Очень неплохо.