Film Junk Presents…Cantankerous – Episode 3

Finally, it’s here. It’s all about supply and demand baby. Thus, we bring you the third episode of Cantankerous…in half a year. That’s right, supply and demand. This episode Sean sits in and talks garbage with myself and Reed for just over an hour. We touch on Reed’s shopping and eating habits, why white actors play white people and black actors play black people, existence and a fear of dying, and Reed details his frustration with the Dawson’s Creek DVD boxed sets and the obsessive compulsive trouble he’s gone through to work around the issue of inconsistent theme songs. Oh, and we touch on his journey to back up the internet on CD-R.

If that isn’t enough, we’ve also included a special video companion piece to this episode. It turns out Reed is quite the cook, and about twenty years ago he decided to capture the magic on tape. Check out an edited version of ‘Cooking With Gerry’ below. (Cut down to 9 minutes from its original 48 MINUTE running time.) I do recommend you listen to the podcast before watching the video.

Download episode 3 of Cantankerous

Cooking With Gerry

  • Paul Andrews

    I think the comparison is that you and KP both have your own unique take on things. Incidentally, Why is it that Sean can’t say ‘Gervais’ – he always makes a weird sound at the end of the word. The ‘vais’ should rhyme with ‘face’ or ‘lace’. Good to know there’s another episode on the way. Thanks, Paul.

  • I can never get enough of you Reed. Damn you’re the peak of entertainment. I laughed more during this hour of podcast than I’ve done all weak while watching 4 or 5 comedies in total.

  • Thx for commenting Kasper! Sounds like I’ve got another fan. At this rate, I should be famous by the 30th century.

    I’m not really entertaining in real life. I think I’m more annoying. I don’t have any friends because I’m self-centered, but I’m fine with that. Jay and Sean put up with me occasionally.