Mel Gibson and Danny Glover Finally Agree to Lethal Weapon 5?

Well we’ve seen just about every possible major action franchise return to the big screen over the past few years, and every actor who was thought to be too old has proven that they were still capable of at least one last hurrah (and one last paycheck). But there’s one series that a lot of people have been wondering about, and although both of its stars have denied the possibility of a sequel time and time again, there comes word this week that it may finally be happening. That’s right, we just might be getting a Lethal Weapon 5 after all.

Now unlike a lot of the other popular franchises, Lethal Weapon was never left as just a trilogy. They already pushed it to a fourth installment back in 1998, but since the movies never took themselves all that seriously, no one seemed to mind. Well now it seems that Shane Black, writer of the original Lethal Weapon, has done a spec script for Lethal Weapon 5 of his own volition, and contacted producer Joel Silver about getting the wheels in motion. The big question is whether or not Mel Gibson and Danny Glover would return, and according to this report, they are interested although they have not signed anything as of yet. Even if this turns out to be completely untrue, I still have a feeling that we’ll see another Lethal Weapon movie sooner rather than later. Thoughts?

  • Lee

    After 3 & 4 I’d be very happy for Shane Black to write the closer to the series. Donner should step aside or be pushed aside for Black to direct. He has Proven he still has the ear for dialogue with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a movie which was a very tight pretty little thriller. I do feel that in the hands of Black there would be no or very little CGI, it would have to go darker and more character driven, and those actors would be pushing it to far with the action scenes what with age and being slightly more in tune with the real world than some recently rebooted franchises. Fingers crossed I get the sequel I damn deserve, rest in peace John McClane.

  • Ian

    Yeah for sure. Black wouldn’t write it unless he thought it would work unless … wait do you think he likes money? I’m sure it could be alright a decent buddy cop movie of some kind. The real question of course is that by this time isn’t Murtaugh too old for this shit?

  • cronenfly

    Personally i would rather see a Mad Max 4, but if Shane is back then lets hope he gets it his way. Never been a huge fan of the series, but they have always entertained me none the less.

  • The original script was great so Black adds a glimmer of hope. It would probably be better if it didn’t happen because the duo is so old now (I may even like Gibson better as a director).

    All I know is the best way for the screenplay to go in my mind is the death of Riggs.

  • Yes, yes, yes! This, I want to see.

  • Lee

    Age is an issue but that is the obstacle for a creative writer to overcome. Good call on Gibson for director, he proved he can do solid action and I do think he’s a great fit for the material there is drastic change in tone and structure from the last two movies.

    What was good about the movies is that even as we saw diminishing returns, there was a consistent presence of the talent which made it seem relatable in a way that other franchises never were. Micheal Kamen will be a miss also. I really like those playful and dramatic scores.

  • LETHAL WEAPON HAS BEEN A TERRIFIC FRANCHISE. The first two were great and the last two were good. A let’s bring em out of retirement story line would work for these two characters. Im just hoping new trends start in the business like bring back the buddy cop movie again because not everything is comic books!

  • Derek

    As much as I would pay to see a 5th Lethal Weapon movie (good trailer or not), I think they should just leave it alone. The first 2 were my favorites.I enjoyed 3 and 4; however, the last 2 I felt, too much humor was put in. Kinda how I felt about T3. Not to mention, Michael Kamen (R.I.P.) won’t be doin the score. Doin a lethal Weapon movie without Kamen is like eatin a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, without peanut butter; which is kinda how I felt about Die Hard 4. It just won’t fell the same. I wondering what the lethal weapon would be in this one, if it were made. Proly the cholesterol in Murtaugh’s famous hamburgers.

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