Goonies 2 Not Being Developed as a Direct to Video Sequel

For years there have been rumours of a sequel to the 80’s classic The Goonies, but so far nothing has really solidified. With the recent rash of direct-to-video sequels that studios have been churning out, a lot of people have been justifiably worried that The Goonies might suffer the same treatment. However, this week there is a hint of good news on that front… it appears that Warner Brothers have decided that The Goonies 2 requires a little bit more respect than The Lost Boys 2 or Wargames 2.

According to Moviehole, some well-paid writers have been hired to do a new draft of the script, and they are currently developing it as a big budget theatrical release. Who knows what exactly changed their minds, but I think it’s safe to say that if they give the movie the care it deserves, audiences in respond in kind. Personally I’d be stoked to see another Goonies flick, even if they have to make it the kids of the original cast members this time around. The original is such a perfect example of a kids movie that doesn’t dumb things down, that can be enjoyed by adults just as much, and still holds up today in my opinion. I think it’s more than just nostalgia that makes the movie great… wouldn’t you agree?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. In the meantime, we’ll just have to settle for these special edition Goonies Puma sneakers.

  • There’s really nothing to go on yet…as long as Sloth is back. Baby fucking Ruth. I don’t like new school pumas. Those particular look like vomit on a pair of asics.

  • Swarez

    The only writers I trust with a Goonies sequel are Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio. The know how to write entertaining adventure films and they did a kick ass Godzilla script that sadly wasn’t used.

  • Matt

    I’m kinda confused how a Goonies sequel is supposed to look like.
    – Is it supposed to be with the original cast members and the Goonies’ adventures 20 years later?
    – Is it supposed to be with an all new cast of kids playing the original characters?
    – Is it supposed to be that the original characters have kids of their own, and they get together and go on an adventure of their own?
    – Is it going to be an animated feature with some cast members reprising their characters by voicing them?

    Whatever they end up doing, I can’t see fans of the original being satisfied, while at the same time drawing a huge audience. But we’ll see.

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