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Back when it was first announced that Joseph Kahn would be directing a big screen version of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, I wasn’t too thrilled about the concept. Since then, however, I’ve started to have a change of heart (this despite the fact that the Hayden Christensen has indeed signed on for the lead role). I never saw his movie Torque, but after watching some of Kahn’s commercial and music video work, I think he might be able to bring something to the table here, and on top of it all, the movie is apparently being produced without any studio assistance — meaning they are free to do whatever the hell they want with it.

The folks over at Quiet Earth managed to dig up what they believe is the first one-sheet for Neuromancer, and I gotta say, it looks pretty damn cool. It’s strange, the image almost reminds me of something you’d see from Chris Cunningham, who was also attached to direct the project at one point. I know it’s just a poster (and an in-house one at that), but it gives me a little bit of hope for the direction they’re taking this in. Although… I gotta ask… why change the main characters name from Case to Cage? Check out this futuristic TV spot, and tell me you’re not curious to see what Kahn comes up with! Neuromancer is currently in pre-production and is slated for release sometime in 2009.

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  • Consider this movie fucked. Torque was fucking terrible; a one star movie easily. That TV spot was a 100% Blade Runner wannabe. Why would they want to change his goddamn name? Cage is what someone is named when they are trying to sound cool now, not in the future. Case is way cooler cause you’ve never heard it before.

    That name change thing and the selection of Actor Robot Model #356 are two choices that already show Joseph Kahn can’t make a decent decision. At this rate we will never get the CG-era straight sci-fi cyberpunk classic that we want so badly.

  • The Cage thing may have been a typo in their synopsis, although they did make it twice. And that TV spot doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with this movie either, it just shows that the guy has done something in the realm of sci-fi.

  • I realized that TV spot was just a TV spot (and probably some kind of nod to Blade Runner). Those things are conceived by committees right? That doesn’t change the fact that Torque suffered from a lame script, lame acting, and flashy but underwhelming action. Or that Hayden can’t act.

    Imdb uses the name Case so hopefully that is correct. Hopefully the production design is spectacular and they handle the matrix (that the Wachowskis were inspired by) in grand new way.

  • That was a commercial for fucking Nascar?! How?!

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  • cully

    well the name case has been used its usually a nick name for someone names Casey but i still dont like the change to cage thats bull shit lets all just hope it dosnt suck balls

  • …My God, it’s full of stars!

  • Alex

    If in search of Case let me know William …

    You tune on to me playing Half Way Between Gutter and The Stars/Deamons … and imagine tobbaco filtered reality and a Renesance face … A.W.

  • Wintermute

    I’m still gonna see it one way or another. Lets just hope that it wont be entirely FUBAR’d. I hope they don’t stray too far from the original idea. They already mangled Case’s name. I hope his is the only name being changed.
    Cross your fingers so it wont suck.

  • predef

    what we need is a decent soundtrack. here are some of my suggestions:

    if I don’t feel a guttural, raw sense of awe and maybe some hint of Lovecraftian fear while watching this flick I will be utterly disappointed. it asks, nay, begs for is some genuine punk attitude, because it has the potential for defining not only an era in film but also to ‘make’ the careers of all involved for good

  • Mecharius

    The soundtrack is a major thing. Good noize can make up for at least a small amount of bad acting. God Module(especially the song A Night Like This), Venetian snare, Imperative reaction, Aslan Faction, Suicide Commando(i am thinking of the song Mordfabrik when i throw them up there), Funker Vogt(there musik is always good for a shit world) and even musik from .:Wumpscut:. and Das Ich could be heard if placed properly.
    What we should not hear though we may have to listen through is musik from groups like Crystal method, KMFDM, skinny puppy, and Muse

  • Mecharius

    Or even worse, NIN or some shit rock

  • Wintermutagen

    I cringed when I saw the director did Torque. I never saw the film, just the trailer. But I could easily see it for what it was; a bastard child of the entertainment industry. Designed to appeal to adolescent boys and brain-dead, pseudo-jocks of the “x-treme” fad. Aren’t we glad those days are over?

    But who knows. Maybe the director has grown and matured since then. Maybe he’s actually full of imagination and vision. Only took that movie for the money and to establish himself.

    It can be cool enough to appeal to the masses and still retain it’s spirit if they do it right. Just flash a few naked shots of whoever plays Molly in the trailer and they’ll come marching in.

    Here’s the two outcomes I see. Either it sucks and is quickly forgotten, to be remade much better 6 years later. Or it’s actually a really good movie.

    On a side note. I could totally see some of the stuff from the recent NIN release, Ghosts.

  • ./mt

    somebody should tell them this is not steampunk but cyberpunk :\

  • layne h.

    yes… i do not want the director of “torque” destroying one of my favorite novels