Harry Potter 6 Trailer

I have to admit, the Harry Potter franchise is wearing a bit thin for me, and I can’t say I’m really looking forward to the next installment. I thought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was just okay; basically it started and ended strong, but severely dragged throughout the middle. One thing I will say is that it felt a bit different than the other films in the series, and it looks like they will be continuing that trend with part 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The movie’s first trailer has arrived online (this is a real trailer, not that stupid 20 second Imax teaser), and it looks more like The Sixth Sense with wizards than a Harry Potter film. Part of the reason is that Tom Riddle aka Young Voldemort is one of the main characters, as seen through flashbacks. Here’s to hoping that the trailer does accurately reflect the tone and content of the movie; please someone tell me there are no Quidditch matches or quirky new teachers introduced in this book! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is directed once again by David Yates and it hits theatres on November 21st.

  • That does look really dark– especially in comparison with the first Potter movie. I am actually really interested in this. And I’d like to see what this guy Daid Yates does after he’s done with the Potter films, too.

  • swarez

    Looks very good. I’ve been a fan of these films so far and they just get better and better. The last one was great and it’s good to see Yates in the director’s seat again.

  • Sean, if it makes you feel better, there probably will not be any quidditch matches in this one seeing as how they completely cut them from the last movie, and those were more important to the story than these.

    also there is a new teacher, but he isnt really important since he is not the new defense against the dark arts teacher. however, the person who becomes the new defense against the dark arts teacher will most likely have a bigger role than in previous films.

    also, while order of the phoenix was my least favorite book, half blood prince was my favorite. the series finally stops being so episodic and establishes an arc that carries it through to the end.

  • There actually will be some kind of quidditch scene because I saw a production still of Ron Weasley in a uniform.

    People are told all the time that they need to read the books because they are a lot better. I don’t say that often. I have to say it about these. I’d seen the first four movies and thought: “that was entertaining but I don’t see what all the fuss is about”. Then I got the downloaded audiobooks from someones Mac and now I’ve read them and am obsessed. You need Harry Potter in your life; more than any books that have been adapted. You can even start with the Goblet of Fire as you know the basics from the movies. I used to think HP was gay and for cocksuckers too. Trust me you need this.

    As for the movie: this is when the stakes start to get high. To me the series only got better every book.

  • sunnydaylite

    UNREAL… YATES again…. gonna be a disappointment movie already ~ !!!! More of documentary story telling and the magic is gone.

    The 1st and 2nd were great but YATES forgot what he was directing…. Go back to film school YATES !

    Disappointing… Harry Potter is a goldmine and YATES just KILLS the past build up by other directors. So night and day that i and the kids have lost interest in Harry Potter. WHAT A MISTAKE HIRING THIS YATES AGAIN…. What to expect from a author who STEALS others works ! Glad to see money buys justice in America and abroad lmao. Just my opinion but the right author got the shaft cause of: LACK OF FUNDS…