Steve Niles to Write John Carpenter’s Next Film

John Carpenter

Here’s an interesting piece of news to come out of San Diego’s Comic Con. I just checked out a G4 video interview with Steve Niles, writer of 30 Days of Night. Apparently he’s just been hired to adapt a Scott Hampton property for the big screen. (I’m pretending like I know who Scott Hampton is. Apparently he was the artist for the 30 Days comic series.) The interesting part? John Carpenter is apparently on to direct! That’s right, JC has finally put down his Xbox controller and decided to jump back into the game. Great news, considering we’ve already been teased with his return by his couple of Masters of Horror episodes. (Which I actually enjoyed.)

According to Niles, the film is a ghost story, set in a small town involving serial killers. Sean has done some digging and thinks it could be based on a story from Hampton’s Spookhouse comic series. This sounds perfect for Carpenter. It’s like The Fog meets Halloween. Not to mention, the film is being produced by David Foster, who’d previously worked with Carpenter on The Thing. (He also produced The Fog remake. Ouch.) So what do you guys think? Is Carpenter past his prime? Have you lost faith after being left with Ghosts of Mars? Who am I kidding…I don’t give a shit what you think. This movie is going to knock my socks off.

  • Swarez

    Well the last truly good film he did was At The Mouth of Madness anything after that just blew balls. Although I have yet to give Escape from LA another chance.

    late 70’s early 80’s Carpenter is the best Carpenter no doubt. Hopefully he has something left in him to knock our cocks off.

  • I am in for anything that will get Carpenter making movies again– well at least movies that aren’t part of the “Masters of Horror” series.

    @ Swarez– you should definitely give Escape form LA another chance. It’s great.

  • What happened to LA Gothic?

  • Not sure. Hopefully it’s still happening.

  • I think at this point the ultimate I would like to see is a documentary on this guy. His personality seems much more endearing and entertaining to me than most of his films, even though they’re good, he’s insanely entertaining.

  • You enjoyed the McWeeny / Swann period of JC’s career? Ugh, for apologists only.

  • I’m definitely expecting better things to remember JC by than Ghosts of Mars. I loved both his Master of Horror episodes and am looking forward to seeing his vision on the silver screen again.

  • Ben Templesmith was the artist of 30 Days of Night, not Scott Hampton.

    As far as Carpenter is concerned, I dislike several of his films, but he is also the man behind my second favorite film of all time (The Thing). Regardless of the duds among his catalogue of films, I have a lot of respect for the man and will see anything his name is attached to.

    With that said, of all of the Steve Niles comics I have read I only liked one of them, and that was mostly because it was drawn by the inimitable Richard Corben. That book would be Bigfoot, which Niles co-wrote with Rob Zombie.

    Like I said, I’ll see anything that Carpenter is involved with, so crappy writing or not, I’ll be there on opening day (if this project comes to pass, that is).

  • N.G

    I love John Carpenter and I love most of his movies, especially Big Trouble in Little China,The Fog and The Thing,the latter being one of the scariest movies of all time.

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