Film Junk Podcast Episode #177: The Dark Knight

0:00 – Intro
2:52 – What We Watched: The Monster Squad, Walk Hard, The 6th Day, Wild Blue Yonder, Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten, Batman Begins, The Postman, Generation Kill, True Blood, Fear Itself
24:15 – HMV Stories
30:15 – Junk Mail: IMAX vs Drive-in, The Spirit, HD vs Film, Halloween Sequels, Film Junk Horror Movie
1:02:00 – Top 5: Favourite Actresses
1:09:30 – Review: The Dark Knight
1:42:05 – Trailer Trash: Watchmen, Terminator Salvation, Body of Lies
1:47:25 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:49:00 – Outro

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  • swarez

    Great show guys yet again.
    Speaking of The 6th Day.

  • swarez

    The Terminator teaser made my taint shiver. So cool.

  • I had the pleasure of sitting next to a 7 year old. I thought paying to see it in IMAX would protect me against stupid kids, but I guess not. He was bored a lot. He also liked to say, “I have that toy.” As much as he sucked, his own dad was good about telling him to shut up so that I didnt have to, but I still was pretty pissed that dude would even bring his kid. Sweet dreams tonight little boy.

  • I love The Postman. It’s pretty awesome (oddity, earnestness, etc.) and the villain (character is hilariously a Xerox copier salesman before the apocalypse) is played by the fabulous Will Patton.

  • Matt

    Nice Podcast. I thought I was gonna hate the HMV Stories, but they were very funny. Young people do suck. Cillian Murphy was my favorite actor in Batman Begins. His performance didn’t feel any more put on than Ledger’s Joker. Dark Knight – Best movie of the year so far. Oh, and by the way, why did you guy’s call Batman a pussy?

  • Jay, The 6th Day is brilliant. Like when Arnold says “I might be back”? Or in the beginning where he looks at his muscles and goes “I don’t feel a day older”. It’s so subtle and well-written. And when there is two of him, it’s double the subtlety. The ‘Cool’ moment is one of the funniest I can remember out of any Arnold movie. It’s up there with the scene in Total Recall where he goes “HAHAHAHA, do you think this is the real Quaid? It is.”

  • elton

    still no filmjunk in itunes.

  • We have a couple different feeds in iTunes (annoying, but I don’t know how to get the old ones deleted). The iTunes feed linked in the post above looks like it should be updated, so try to subscribe to that one if you can.

  • Bob the Slob

    thanks for mentioning me. great podcast. Although i wasnt saying that The Dark Knight was a bad movie with batman in it…I thought it was an excellent movie, an excellent crime drama and if it was just that (with out the beloved characters) we all would love it, but just kinda say “it was great” and move on…but you add batman and people go apeshit…adding batman doesnt make it GREATER, it just makes it great that batman got treated like a legitimate crime genre by a legit director. That’s all. thanks guys.

  • rus

    Like it or not ( and I do love The Dark Knight) everyone should thank the God they worship to that such a thought provoking film with outstanding dialog and scenes that build on each other is doing so amazingly well at the box office. Maybe it will help show the suits that the public is dying for rich film entertainment and to get the fu*k out of the way of directors with visions.

    Also, just think about how Heath will be viewed 10, 20, 40 years down the road. He will be like James Dean is viewed now – an amazing talent that was taken too soon. He has his 2 great films in Brokeback Mt. and Knight to mirror Dean’s Giant and Rebel. Ahhhh, to die young and leaving wanting more.

    Rus in Chicago

  • “Maybe it will help show the suits that the public is dying for rich film entertainment and to get the fu*k out of the way of directors with visions.”

    I doubt it. There Will Be Blood did horrible at the box office, and that movie is much richer than The Dark Knight.

  • Matt

    By the way, The 6th Day scene where the two Arnolds turn to each other and say “cool” is at the beginning of this clip.


    Thanks Matt!

  • For Henrik,
    I don’t think There Will Be Blood is the example you are looking for:
    Worldwide Box office: $76,490,398
    US DVD Sales: $22,280,637
    Production Budget: $25 million
    There Will Be Blood is not competing in the tentpole, summer blockbuster arena as Dark Knight. Even with an enormous marketing budget of 40 mil (which it didn’t have) Blood is a very profitable film.

  • Goon

    i was sad to hear Julianne Moore was a scientologist, so I did some research… I cant find anything indicating such? can you prove it?

    you may end up owing her an apology :P

  • Hmm… you’re right. I can’t find any info to back me up. That’s weird. I swear I have read that in multiple places but I must have imagined the whole thing. Consider it debunked.

  • Do an article on that and get it up on digg man! She’ll have to answer to you in press for Blindness and boom, filmjunk is a household name.

  • I wonder if dating a hot scientologist would help my inner geek? Think about going to the movies on Saturday night “Yes honey, we could go see Mamma Mia, but there is a reshowing of Blade Runner at The Music Box and you know…er…with your God being from outer space and Blade Runner being classic Sci fi and..YOU WANT TO GO! GOOD GIRL, GOOD GIRL, YES DADDY WILL GET HIS KEYS, GET IN THE CAR, YES BE A GOOD GIRL AND GET IN THE CAR!

  • Ian

    Damn I can’t seem to download this file from the archives. I hope it gets fixed soon after my friend sited this review

    of the Dark Knight as an explanation for why he didn’t like it I’m sort of obsessed with other people’s take on the film. Mainly because I think he’s being a pretentious and overly political idiot about it.