Will Tom Cruise Return for Top Gun 2?

As Tom Cruise continues to hunt for a new project to follow-up Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumours about the possibility of him returning to a familiar franchise in the hopes of re-establishing his bankability. First it was a new Mission: Impossible movie that was supposedly on the table, and now this week we have a somewhat unsubstantiated rumour that says there is a possibility of a Top Gun sequel, some 22 years after the original was released. Could a movie like this still fly nowadays (pun intended)?

According to The Sun, there is a script floating around for a new Top Gun flick where Maverick is now an instructor who “has to deal with a cocky new female pilot”. How’s that for a fresh new twist? Yeah, actually it sounds kind of lame, and I’d be very surprised if Tom Cruise showed any interest in this. Heck, I don’t even know if Jerry Bruckheimer would touch it… even he has standards! To me, Top Gun is just one of those 80’s movies that happened to be in the right place at the right time, but I don’t think it is something that has much lasting appeal, and it’s certainly not something a lot of people would want to revisit nowadays. Any hardcore Top Gun fans out there want to prove me wrong?

  • That logline SMACKS of straight to DVD release. The whole female pilot angle is very cheesy. I think Cruise would say no– his career needs a facelift, but this isn’t the way to do it.

  • Matt

    I thought Stealth was kind of like a high tech sequel to Top Gun. And Stealth was one of the shittiest movies I’ve ever seen. But a quality product can be made of anything if the right people are brought together…except a Top Gun sequel.
    As for Tom Cruise’s bankability, I don’t think he’ll ever reach the type of popularity he enjoyed during the 90s. Which is too bad, because I liked him before he became all preachy and self-righteous. He is a very talented actor still.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.

  • A sequel to Top Gun would be giving up. It’s just as good a move as Casper van Dien appearing in Starship Troopers 3.

  • How about another interview with a vampire…

  • Alex

    I believe that for top gun 2 actor must be tom cruise. if top gun 2 come interpreted from an other actor the film cannot be called top gun 2 or similar. it is a film that has marked our young age and for this type of memories the correct man is tom cruise.

    Io credo che per rifare un sequel di un film che ha segnato molto la giovane età di chi è nato negli anni ’80 bisogna che il sequel sia interpretato dagli stessi attori, attori diversi farebbero in modo che il film non si debba chiamare TOP GUN 2 perché con il primo non hanno avuto nulla a che fare.

    Tom siamo con te!

    In memory of Goose!

  • I’m Tom fan!!!! Me and chisten are.

  • if it’s 22 year could the young cadet be gooses son with mavrick as his teacher, a teacher that killed his dad, with mavrick his face’s burns from a plane crash that was his fault which also killed his co-

    now that would be a story//???

  • Chepe

    If the original creators of Top Gun got together this could be a very successful production overpassing Titanic and Star Wars easily. There is plenty of juice to grab and make it into a great production.

  • Michelle

    I think a Top Gun 2 movie focusing on the War on Terror and the possibility of bringing Goose’s son back in to face the man who was responsible for his dad’s death. Tom Cruise could play that up good. I think that the 2 brothers on One Tree Hill (Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty) should play in the movie…..they would make a good “Maverick and Goose” of a new millineum ready to beat some terrorist butt….only one gets killed and Maverick has to fly with one of them. That would be so touching for him to have to relive the whole thing about Goose’s death. He could pull it off and make it great!

  • I think it would be a great idea for Tom to make the sequel of Top Gun. As a matter of fact, the film is a kind of ‘restore of treasury’ if he could make another one, particular in the era 2010s. He may act as a fighter pilot (still) with some promotion, perhaps from Lt. to Lt. Col (etc.). To bring back old nostalgia, the producer must re-unite all former castings in the new movie as much as possible. As I am concerned, Mavrick, Goose, Ice, Val Kilmer, McGillis are still physically fit for the challenging roles. But I recommend them to go back to gym to get some fitness first before filming is commenced. And to add some flavor, why don’t some new faces are brought into the film.

  • markr1984

    I think the idea of top gun 2 is awesome and i hope they go threqw with it. top gun has allways been my favorite movie of all time and i just finished watching it. tom and everyone else should just go for it!!!!

  • ericf15

    Remember Fighter pilots make movies and bomber pilot make history.

    Maverick was a LT in 1986 and in 2009 would be what a RADM. The last time I checked there are very few Rear ADM who are instructor pilots. It goose son could be a good idea but don’t see it happening.

    I just hope they don’t get Val Kalmer back to for a volly ball match. Not sure he would fit in a Tomcat cockpit any more.

  • Shuman

    Top Gun 2 would work if set in a Jerry Bruckheimer setting of high tech imagery in a present day scenario of Iranian North Korean nuke problem and show how Cruise with either Goose’s son or a Kelly McGillis tom Cruise love child during their romantic time in the first TG. Have Cruise as the instructor of course and McGillis show up and talk to cruise about their son being news to Maverick. he meets the kid (23 years old)
    and has heard of his top gun potential under a different name as Kelly didn’t want the kid to know his dad was maverck for some reason. Maverick is tough on the kid as a new TG student as he wants the other students to not know he is the kids dad and play favorites cause his son really wants to make it as a top gun. They have to do flyovers under radar in new stealth machines as N Korea and Iran are suspected of having nukes ready for firing. It could be made into a good 2010 story with the same intensity of Star Trek and Avatar with awesome effects etc. He and Kelly could rekindle their affair and become husband and wife. Cruise would be his sons wing man as one of the pilots dies in real combat over Iran and they go to take out the North Korean nukes. It could work. John Woo could do it as well.

  • Hope

    I think that a Top Gun Sequel would be a great idea!! It’s been 25 years sice the origional has been made. Also, I think another idea would be great is that Goose’s son would join the Top Program, and to be in his father’s shoes as a REO. I wasn’t born when the first Top Gun came out in 1986, but Top Gun is one of my favorite military movies!! Top Gun is a legendary movie. The movie came out at the right moment, and at the right time. Rumers have it that, there would be a cocky new female pilot. I don’t think that would be a good idea because, back then, males did that kind of things, and women wouldn’t have guts to kill somebody, and they would think it was a wrong thing to do. I also think that Kelly McGillis, and Val Kilmer wouldn’t join the upcomming project because,
    Val Kilmer disliked Tom Cruise in the very begining.
    Val Kilmer would play jokes on Cruise, and make fun
    of him, and I think that Kilmer was trying to prove a
    point that Kilmer was a better actor then Cruise. Kelly
    McGillis wouldn’t join because, she was having some
    dificulties during the time.
    In my conclusion, a Top Gun 2 would be an amazing idea because, the movie had the right actors to play the characters, the movie was made at the right time,and had an awesome soundtrack. Who knows! Maybe Tim Robbins (Merlin), Rick Rossavich (Slider), Tom Skerritt (Viper), Whip Hubbly (Hollywood), “Wolf Man”, or just maybe, Tom Cruise (Maverick) would “Feel The Need for Speed” again.

  • Robert

    If they make a TOP GUN 2 I will go and see it. I loved the first one.