Zack Snyder’s Watchmen Trailer


Well, I’ve gotta give Zack Snyder credit… the first trailer for Watchmen is everything it needed to be, and more. I had my doubts, and it’s not that I didn’t think Watchmen would make for a good movie, but rather, I just didn’t think it would make for a good blockbuster. But here he has proven me wrong. Just like the trailer for 300, this is completely going to sell people who have never heard of the comic. It looks and feels epic, and although I probably wouldn’t call Zack Snyder “visionary” just yet, I think he’s well on his way to another smash hit here. When March 6th rolls around, I know where we’ll all be. YouTube clip is embedded, but the much better option is to check out the trailer in Quicktime HD via the link below.

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  • Greg

    I told you it was badass.

  • Ian

    Hmmmmmmmmm. Yeah it looks “badass” but that’s not really the point of Watchmen unless he’s being ironic (was he doing that with 300?). Oh screw it I’ll not be a comic geek and just be hopeful that we’ll get some good spectacle!

  • JakeTheFatMan

    I think the teaser will go over nicely with the fans, much of the imagery are straight from the graphic novel.

    The changes to the ending made in the David Hayter/Alex Tse script has me somewhat worried. Though, as long as the end product is consistent with he themes and respectful of the characters, I’ll be happy.

    Now I know how comic book geeks feel when changes are made to the themes and characters they associate with their favourite comic books.

  • If someone had told me Dr. Manhattan would be full CG I would have thought it was a ridiculous idea. Surprisingly, it looks fucking great and really conveys his incredible power; making Billy Crudup with blue make-up seem lame.

    As a comic geek I can rest easy because I don’t worship Alan Moore (who famously detaches himself from his adaptations) and I’m not a big fan of the graphic novel. I always thought it was way too dense for a comic and didn’t take full advantage of the visual medium. That can translate to the film if Snyder is too faithful but hopefully he won’t make that mistake. I’m definitely excited by this project now.

    The Terry Gilliam version might have given this a run for it’s money but not based on the spectacle of that teaser.

  • I never held out hope for a single second that a Watchmen movie could live up to the comic, and this trailer has done nothing to change my mind on the subject. I am a big-time comic book reader/collector/nerd, but Watchmen wouldn’t make my top 10 or probably even top 20 comics of all time, so I’m not even coming at this from the angle of a die hard fan of the comics. This trailer just looks like the movie is going to miss the mark by about ten miles. No, comic book movies don’t necessarily have to exactly parallel their source material (just as Hellboy the movie is very little like Hellboy the comic in all aspects other than visual style), but despite seeing Dr. Manhattan (who looks very, very fake to me, though that could be because this footage isn’t finished yet), Rorschach, and the rest onscreen, I still don’t feel like I’ll be going to the theater to see an actual Watchmen movie. With a film like Spiderman the filmmakers have free reign to pick and choose where they get their references for what the movie should look and feel like because there are so many stories and styles to choose from. In the case of Watchmen and other limited series, the filmmakers have essentially one single shot to try to do justice to one story-line with one visual style, one beginning, one ending, one tone, and one message without fucking it up, and based on this trailer, Zak Snyder isn’t up to the job in my eyes.

  • Looks good to me.

  • theman

    I love this trailer! It totally threw me off to. Kick’s the shit out of the Spirt trailer!

  • “Everything you know will change”…”and everything you see will move very slowly”.

  • HoopersX

    I’m the target audience, 18 to 35 year old male who’s never read the graphic novel. And after watching the trailer I haven’t got a clue what the heck this movie is about other than cool visuals and frankly, those aren’t enough to get me to go. I think this trailer did a piss poor job of conveying anything storywise. The other thing that scares me a bit is it had hints of League of Extrodinary Gentlemen throughout. Nothing huge but take for example the shot of that spaceship/whatever it is coming out of the water…. Reminded me of the submarine in LOEG, not sure why, it just did.

    Just my observations.


  • I think this look like something to look forward to. I don’t know anything about the graphic novel, and this made me want to look into it. So, I guess it hit it’s mark. I’ll see this for sure.

  • krew

    I tried to focus on the trailer but all I could hear was Billy Corgan’s whiny voice.

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  • kbs1138

    This was a kick-ass trailer. Made me go and find out exactly what was the Watchmen since I had never heard of it. Probably due to the fact that I preferred reading books to comics even at a young age. This trailer made me look into checking out the graphic novel from the Library to read it in anticipation of seeing this movie next March. Looking forward to it.

    and for all you big-time comic book reader/collector/nerds … get a life and a girlfriend.

  • Matt

    I saw this trailer when it first came out, and it looked like a very cool trailer for a decent movie. Then Jay and Sean had an arguement about whether reading the graphic novel before seeing the trailer would make the trailer seem better. I innitially agreed with Sean who hadn’t read the novel, and who found the trailer good without having read the novel. So I read Watchmen, and I can honestly say that this is the best trailer that I’ve ever seen. The music is hypnotic and the visuals are straight out of the novel. Everything is represented so faithfully. This is now without a doubt the number one movie I’m looking forward to in 2009. I agree with Jay now. Sean, if you’ve got some free time do yourself a favor and check out the Watchmen. You will not regret it.